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Your thoughts Gentlemen please on this Roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 400SPYDER, Feb 24, 2005.

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  3. that's the worst color combo i've ever seen on a diablo roadster.

    if i were in the market for another roadster i would buy it and repaint it a shade not so discordant with the blue interior. green, black, blue, silver...etc
  4. Hi Rifter

    Do you/have you owned a Diablo Roadster?

    Never considered a Lambo before seeing this and it seems at a very reasonable price in comparison to 360 spiders. Any idea on price?

    What are the major things to look out for ?

    Cheers Kevan
  5. Jeez, straight to the point eh.......

    Anyway Kevan,

    Regarding the car, I'd guess you would be looking at £95K-£100K, I would say a bit less due to it being a 97 reg but it is a Ferrari dealership so I'm not too sure.

    I'm not up to speed on the roadsters but they do seem to vary in price quite considerably. The car in my opinion looks fabulous and I would probably recommend talking to Carlo at Armadale motors in Bathgate(AKA Top Gear Cars advertised in Auto-Trader), Scotland. He seems to really know about every Lamborghini (he's got loads of every kind and at least one roadster) in the UK and can be contacted on 01501-731-823. I've been dealing with him (pestering him is probably more truthful) for some time now because I'm just about to purschase a VT, I was going to buy a 2wd but thought I'd be patient and go for the later VT with the nicer dash etc.

    Anyway, hope you get what you want and maybe we'll hook up when you do for a wee spin.


  6. I like it in yellow but the blue leather looks too " NYC cab" .
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  8. Thanks for that Matthew I'll keep you posted.

    Is there a major price differential on the VT ? Because the ad states this as a VT, does that refer to the upgrade or what?
  9. Not sure to be honest, I've just always associated the VT as meaning 4wd. Never actually asked what it means though....

    Have you made any progress or looked at any of the others for sale?

    I was at the showroom in Armadale on saturday and Carlo's got 2 Roadsters at the moment. Theres a gorgeous orange 6.0 and loads of others. Through the back was the mauritius blue one I'm hoping to nab in the next month.

    Carlo was telling me about an event coming up at Knockhill on May 7th/8th for loads of supercars. Hoping to get up to around 20 Lambos at least and definitely a few on the track, something i've never seen before actually....F40's etc will be there too, i cant wait........


  10. VT = Viscous Traction

    The word Viscous describing the nature of the fluid involved. All roadsters are VT's ie AWD.

  11. geez, hock an internal organ for a car and they can't even spell Vicious right!
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  13. I love the exterior, but don't care for the interior colour. I would assume its the only one in the world with that colour combo, I haven't seen anything like it before.
  14. I'm going to go against the crowd and say I like that interior. Just get a nice spherical shift knob and some brand new floormats (black with yellow bull) and you'd be good to go.

    As for price, I can't give a good opinion on that I'm afraid.
  15. kev, which ferrari dealer is it? is it maranello ? i cud help u out by bidding low on the car - maybe put an idea to the dealer that the car isnt worth the selling price? worth a try?

    could you be looking at £90k?

  16. Kevan!

    Well you are all out on price - it's £79,995...
  17. The interior color is what puts me, the center console looks dirty. I suspect this car has not been cared for well, but that aside, the interior color alone would keep me from buying it.

  18. he was right, it is viscous, referring to the Viscous coupling. Anyway, I have a 99 roadster if you have any questions pm me I’ll be happy to answer them.
  19. There is no way that is £79k, absolutely no way!!!

    If i'm wrong, i'm sorry but now you'll need to supply some proof young man!!!!


  20. That would be a taxi ride I would like to take!! :)
    I agree the blue leather is sort of butt, but that can easily change!
  21. £97,995 maybe?
  22. Noony is right guys - but then he knows where I buy(and sell) my cars !

    From the dealers website :-

    In our showroom.

    Thats $153,416

    So what your saying is this is a steal - right ?
  23. Hi Kev,

    Looks like a good price, i mean i'm looking at 70k for a 96 VT so 10k diff. for a lower mileage, newer, better looking diablo sounds good to me. I might even pay it a wee visit myself, only kidding!!!

    I would however phone around and try and get some history on the vehicle.

    Whats your thoughts now on the vehicle? Tempted?


  24. I think that people here will say they don't like X about this car right now when you don't have it yet, but if you did get it you'd still get all of the rockstar attention and fawning these cars bring.

    Make a lower offer by £6-8k. The mid-$140's sounds about right if the car is mechanically sound, but I'm not an authority on Lambo pricing.

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