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Yellow Murc CRASH!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by twinturbo, Apr 25, 2005.

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  3. I can see the E-Bay ad already.... "Perfect original car, repainted due to small scratch on fender, buy it now: $199,900"...
  4. OMG...sad stuff :(
    Anyone who know where and how it happend?
  5. I hope this didn't happen between 12:01am and 6:00am on a Monday. That just add insult to injury.

    bernardo66, where do you get those legs?!?!?!?!?! :)
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  7. where : near a train crossing

    how: by driving over the curb and hitting a pole

    (smart ass button being turned off now)
  9. What is that parked behind the dark blue truck?
  10. I could buff that out.
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  12. "Unintended acceleration."
  13. If you look at the dent in the door, you'll notice that the car slid into the pole somewhat sideways. Also look at the front left corner of the bumper, it has no scratches so the car didn't drive straight into the wall.

    As far as the smart ass comments ... love 'em, keep 'em coming.

    Bill in Brooklyn
  14. I hope for his sake he has 3M stoneguard on the car, otherwise the front end could be scratched up a bit.
  15. I hope the pole is alright.
  16. if you look real close
    you'll see it only needs a new drivers side door
    everything else can just be pushed back into place
  17. Ouch....nice one !!

    Where did that happen anyways ??? Even though it's an english sign.......those don't look like any local American police to me.
  18. I thought that was the way Lambo builds their cars?
  19. The wheels are still good, lets roll!

    It kinda looks like San Francisco...
  20. Looks plenty like American police. Kinda CHPish actually.

  21. yeah, you can see from the skid marks that he slid in from the side.
    BTW, love the smart ass comments too!

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    I thought Lambos were AWD?

    CHiPs? You make the call!
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  23. This one hurts to look at.
  24. I wonder what is going through the drivers mind right now?
  25. How much will it cost for my lawyer to get me out of this? Isn't this vehicular manslaughter or something?[the linked story I'm referring too]

    And needless to say, seeing these pieces of art turn into abstract makes me a sad Murcie :(

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