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Yellow Countach

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by WJHMH, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. Last Saturday I went over to LoD to see a certain yellow CT. Wow, I gotta say that this is by far the best example of a Countach that I have ever seen. I never seen a car kept up so well for its age. To me, these cars are timeless for the design & very well taked care of. No scratches & very minimal cracks in the usual visual areas. (Typical of older CT’s.) Who ever purchases this car will extremely happy with their choice, this is truly one of a kind. Big thanks to JP for showing it to me.
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  3. i agree it's in very good cond

    but the stickers got to go
  4. That's A.J. Staricek's old car. He is a member on this forum, really cool guy. He put NOS in a Diablo S.E. He has a gorgeous orange (Arancio Atlas) Murcielago now.
  5. Yes, that was my car!! Thanks for the positive comments. I took alot of pride in that car, and it is one of the best original Countaches in the world, I am certain. It just had a 20000 dollar engine out with clutch to make it more drivable than ever.
  6. Most deffinately!
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  8. Great car. I agree the stickers are extremely gaudy
  9. Hey A.J.
    Don't you ever regret letting that beauty go?
    I wouldn't let it go never in my life. (unless having a Miura instead)
  10. I love the stickers. Served my purpose as a show car. Here's the beauty of stickers. If you dont like them, peel them off . Easy stuff. No biggie. And a Countach is gaudy without the stickers.
  11. so true aj!!!!
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  13. speaking of stickers....does anyone have any idea what LamboD. is asking for the car?.....just curious.
  14. Tom, I believe they are asking 99k for the car. There is a little room for them, maybe 94ish. Just a guess.
  15. AJ Why did you ever sell this car or is it on consignment at the dealer? Even so I would think after all the money you spent you would want to evn the fruit of your labor?
  16. ( note to self) : sell house. sell guitars. buy small tent. and the yellow lambo!!! wonder what the 308 is worth on trade!!! LMAO! :)
  17. I have had Countaches since '82, and just decided it was time to get a car with a warranty. I was planning on keeping the car for a long while, but things change daily for me. If I could have kept it and still bought the Murci, I would have.

    They own the car.
  18. AJ you need to keep a website with pics of all the cars you own. I started mine a long while back and it's like a trip down memory lane. The other fun is your "visitors" can share in the fun. :)
  19. i think the decals make it look really cool, more like a race car or show car. Gives it a better appearance, IMO. Thats te best looking yellow Countach i have ever seen, AJ.

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