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Yellow 6.0 for Sale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bentasm1, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Anyone interested in my Diablo 6.0? I'm looking to trade up right now on another Lamborghini and if someone is interested it'd be a wire the cash over and delivery the car quick. has pictures.

    Condition is perfect. Only issues it has is the air bag light is on which is just the horn ring being stupid. Left check engine light comes on when it rains. Other than that no problems at all. Odometer is ~8400 miles. Never abused only launched once. I'm the 2nd owner. All service done.

    My cell is 941-773-7833.
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  3. My god ! you owned more Hummers than the Army !

    What is the next bull ?
  4. There's an Orange 6.0 in New York for sale. I'm buying it on condition of finding out its history and whatnot as well. The Orange 6.0's price is amazingly low and that usually means there are problems. We'll find out. :)

  5. I can't beleive you're selling it! Thats one of everyones favorite color combos it seems like, so you should have no trouble selling it. Did you ever consider a Mucielago?
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  7. ooooo maaan, you got a good your 6,0:D:D:D:D - trading it in for a orange?? ...thats THE beauty on the planet. :D
    Good luck Ben :)
  8. just stunning. if my CS weren't arriving next week i'd be INCREDIBLY tempted!

  9. I'm still waiting to get the oranges info on what the service history is. A few have told me to double and triple check it. I'm 50/50 if the deal will work out. We'll see. If not, I'm VERY happy with my Yellow 6.0. :)

  10. I'm sure you're VERY happy with your yellow - but I hope (for your sake) that you'll have your orange one day, that color is to die for - my favorite color of all time when its been painted on a 6.0 or a Murcie.
    If the deal goes perfect for you then PLEEEASE post some pix of it for us!!:D
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  12. btw - the interior color on your yellow are also stunning, whats the int. color on the orange?
  13. The orange interior is black with orange stitching.

    Orange is #1 to me, Yellow is #2 to me. :)

  14. What price are you looking to get 170's?
  15. Given that the Diablo has 8800 miles, I'm thinking $170k is a fair asking and dont budge price. 6.0's are pretty hard to come by these days and it's still a substantial discount to the Murci.

  16. Have you thought about a paint job for your current 6.0?
  17. I dont think an Orange 6.0 would look good with yellow interior. :)

  18. Yes, that is the one. Take off those retarded wheels and remove the flipmode crap and it's a nice orange 6.0.
  19. It was Busta Rhymes car, yes. He's had many Lambos so it's not a super unusual thing. :) He had a yellow murci, a green murci, and others including my orange.
  20. Did you resolve the carfax issue? Hopefully if it was an error it can be taken care of but I am sure it would be tough to get the previous owner with paperwork to help resolve it. Once this car is back to stock it will be awesome although I think your yellow is just as nice. Do you know how many Orange 6.0's are in the US compared to how many Yellow"s?
  21. It doesnt seem to be yours becuase it is still up for sale? Busta is a cool dude, but those rappers sometimes abuse their **** without worries. Keep your eye out for that one! Good luck on the transaction.
  22. BTW, I see you wised up to owning a Hummer in Florida. Bet you could have used it in all of that flooding though. LOL Hope all went well. Good luck on selling the 6.0
  23. Jeff: I have to wait till Monday to resolve the discrepencies. I'll be having Manhattan Motors pickup the car, and run the computer to see if the milage is correct. You can't change it in the computer, it's impossible unless you replace the computer. They'll also do the 3rd party inspection.

    Ruf: It isn't 100% mine, however my deposit is on the vehicle pending this inspection and the sale of my yellow 6.0. I'll still buy the orange if I cant sell the yellow right away, but only want to eventually own one at a time.

  24. Only 4 or 5 Oranges in the US. The yellow has the highest production, not sure what it is though.
  25. There you are AJ havent seen you in a while. Any idea on the history of this 6.0? You're the man when it comes to 6.0 history. :)


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