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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by HMS, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. I meant the S. Because its 2300 pounds and 680hp it seems like it would beat an Enzo. If the stock XJ220 has a top speed of 220mph I wounder what the S can do?
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  3. I believe all this conversation regarding which car will take what is somehow childish. These are all respectable vehicles. I believe the Enzo is a fantastic car. The character of the XJ220 is more like the F40. However when you're dealing with 200+MPH cars that perform 0-60 of under 4, then many factors come into play for a certain car to perform to its highest potential. The most important factors are the driver and his familiarity with the car, the track or the road along with other matters such as weather temperature, humidity, elevation etc etc.

    As I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again, the reason why Jaguar went to the 6 twin turbo was for no other reason but the following. The 12 cylinder engine was too heavy and for its size it was not putting a proper power to weight ratio. The 3.6 liter twin turbo is much lighter and produces much more power at significantly less weight. That's why it took 3 years until the XJ220 went into production, because of the new race engine that was being developed. In turn, this allowed the designers to reduce the lenght of the car by a foot. So with the original 12 cylinder, the car would have to be a foot longer!

    Jaguar also did away with originally planned all wheel drive system as well as scissor type doors, all for the sake of saving weight. The doors are a major problem with the XJ220. They do not open wide enough, especially on the S version which has the racing wrap around seats. Getting in and out of the car becomes quite challenging.

    In terms of value, only time will tell. Those who specualte the best and foresee trends tend to make the best ROI.

    As far as collectors not wanting Jaguars, I believe that is a small minded comment. The D & C type Jaguars are bringing over a million dollars. They are so popular like the older Testarossas that many rebodied versions are selling at 200-300K. One must try not to make opinionated blind statements.

    A familiar example of a collector with 130 plus vehicles is Jay Leno, who owns numerous Jaguars....but not a single Ferrari!

    Having said all these, I am a very open minded individual and do not have any particular feelings towards an auto maker. If I like the car, I'll buy it.

    As much as I like the XJ220 and the S, the mark that I feel very attached to is Lamborghini. But I certainly will be looking forward to adding an F40 to my collection in the near future, preferably one of the very few yellow ones.

    Once more I'll remind everyone, we are lucky to be living in an era where we can own, drive, dialogue and enjoy supercars like Ferraris, lamborghinis and Jaguars. No one should blindly love or hate an automeker. There is always an @$$ for every seat. If someone thought about making it, there will be two others who will buy it.
  4. The reason I compare it to the Enzo is to understand the speed that’s involved. With those figures the S has it is an absolute monster! I could not imagine the speed on something like that
  5. Yellow F40!!! Now you're talking!!!
  6. Come on, this is FChat, were supposed to have fun sometimes.

    You're right, these cars are all pretty close in performance, and the variables you mentioned can make all the difference in which one is realitively performing better.

    That's right too, but if they could have kept the car as a 12 cylinder I think the values would be at least double today. For a lot of the buyers who backed out of their original purchase, the 12 cylinder to 6 cylinder change was was not an "excuse". Mansour Ojjeh (he owns a fair chunk of Mclaren, and he was one of the three original men behind the Mclaren F1 road car) was pissed at this change and told me that's one of the reasons he backed out. The cost would have been insignificant to him.

    Leno has also said he would never buy an XJ220. He spent a half hour with my business partner (who isn't partial to Jags, he owns a Ferrari dealership)standing next to one when my partner told him he was interested in buying. Jay gave all of his reasons why it was a bad idea. Like me, my partner is still going to get one.
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  8. I saw one with a service bill of $60,000, I was told they had to change the 2 fuel tanks which are "bags" in order to save weight and those cost like $10,000 or $20,000 a piece. Again this car was a green one in Florida and I was told that, I don't know if its true or not, but I do know that service is very expensive.
  9. I don't understnd the incistance for the fact that you guys have that XJ220's cost an arm and a leg to own and maintain. I have been trying to point the fact to many of you who do not own these vehicles, that the rumors out there are just rumors. I just had a problem with the clutch on one of my XJ220S' (note: clutch= a scary word). The part was found in 3 days and the car was returned to me operable and for even less than it would've cost to perform the same task on my Diablo at the dealer.

    I've owned my Jags for a while, I've driven them just enough and I've had nothing but wonderful driving experiences. Those who pay any differently for XJ220 maintenance than that of Lamborghinis should reconsider finding the right mechanic.
  10. I didn't post from street or chat rooms rumors. I was told this by the Lamborghini shop which did this service after I asked how it was the maintenance of the xj220 since at the time I was considering to buy one. I do not own one like you do and still I am only saying what the dealer told me, but I for one do not trust dealers so I am not stating that I am right and that you are wrong or anyone else, since I trully can say that I only know of those cars performance and stats but cannot make solid statements about anything else because I do not own one to drive it for many miles and then have some real experiences to share. Maybe I shoudn't have said that I knew they were very expensive to maintain but that I was told so by a Lamborghini dealership.
  11. That's the second time you've posted that claptrap. An XJ220 won it's class at Le Mans in 93 until they disqualified it on a technicality.

    Perhaps not as impressive as winning Le Mans outright on it's first outing, but it's already got more competion pedigree than the Enzo, F50 or F40.
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  13. ZING!!!
  14. Somebody here is embelishing the stories just to make an impression.You can get custom fuel cells made for 1/10 the prices quoted.
    Ferraris are much more expensive to service
  15. I was told by Norwoods in Dallas. It was a technician/mechanic. He seemed quite knowledgeable about what he was saying. He claimed a used tranny was 25K. The transmission fluid is no longer produced. He claimed the whole entire car had to be disassembled for the fuel cells/bags to be replaced. He said the F and L cars were cheap in comparison to maintain. All I know is what I heard. I really like the car. It is the biggest Hypercar bargain. + The styling is unreal. The back of the car looks like something from Buck Rogers. Yes they gave up on the interior. - But there are alot of cars that someone else also gave up on the interior. Actually there are alot of examples I can think of.
  16. I have spoken directly with James at Norwood and he has told me the same things. I have a customer who is very interested in buying one so I did some reasearch on his behalf. Let me tell you some of the prices a got for stuff was incrediable. There is only one or 2 places in north america that stock parts for the cars. And supplies are running out. Yes they would make a Lambo or a Ferrari seem like childs play for servicing costs. I would imagine that they are a fairly reliable auto if not driven to the limit. But they are getting older so things are going to need replaceing.
  17. I just wanted to let those who were following my interest in the blue XJ220 know my reasons for pulling back from a purchase had absolutely nothing to do with the 2 cars I was looking into - I still want one and will hopefully be in the market again soon however I'm needing to put all my energy into a legal battle at this time that unfortunately demands a lot more attention than I wanted to divert away from my hobbies. All my play money and all my spare time is taken while I do research that I can't seem to find an attorney capable of understanding..
    Thank you to all who wrote privately and on the other thread with input about the cars.
    With work and luck I will be back in the market. And if luck is not on my side maybe I just move to europe where I can purchase one without all the import hassles lol
  18. Aside from the 12 cylinder, I was a bit disappointed the production car dropped the scissor doors (ala Lamborghini). The prototype had them.

    Additionally, I heard that the only factory authorized XJ220 mechanic was a guy in Ohio. Anyone dealt with him?
  19. Like the engine (besides being too long), weight related

    Gary Bartlett in Muncie Indiana. I've got his number if you want it.
  20. Aren't there only 2 McLaren mech's in the US as well?
  21. I observe that in the pic of the interior on the ebay car that the Jag logo plate has come off the steering wheel and what remains is a glue stain.
  22. Ohhh... no..no...NO...NO...NO!.........NO! $40,000(est) or so for a head job on a V-6, has staff that is under the influence of a controlled substance.

    I would pull that turd Jag motor out, set it aside in case I want to get rid of the car.... install a compatable overbored Twin Turbo 3.2 liter V-6 that made the same HP and torque. Head gasket bill : $2300 or less. It may be many times reliable over the original.

    Heh... install a V-12?? you think it has problems now? :D
  23. Problems??? Come on......it's British my friend.:)
  24. I never really liked the rims, would love to see it in some aftermarket ones.
  25. Sorry....looks like a kit car.
  26. it's an actual xj220 modified by TWR (you probably knew that but just in case)
    i don't care for the spoiler much but i love the rims and facelift
  27. http://wspr-racing.com/chassis/xj220.htm

    Number History
    779 Orange - sold to USA Original 540 cv engine
    784 Was in Volvo Museum .Light Blue - sold to France .2001 sold to Vik USA for 150 000 $.Original engine 540 cv

    793 Red - sold to UK

    801 Race car unfinished,sold to my friend a racing driver who bought all the 220 .He finish the car in Green ,sold it and they repaint the car in Silver ,2000 sold to USA (the car IS NOT a 220 S)

    802 Light Green appear in many magazines ,was the daily driver of my friend ,2000 sold to USA

    803 Yellow.England

    Race Car
    001 # 51 -24 hours Le Mans 1993 DNF - Percy/Hakne/Leslie
    002 # 50 - 24 Hours Le Mans 1993 win GT class - Brabbham/Nielsen/Coulthard. 2001 Silverstone Auction
    003 #52 - ,24 Hours Le Mans 1993 - DNF - Belmondo/Cochran/Fuchs

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