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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by HMS, Sep 21, 2004.

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  2. its a beautiful car... did it really have 540hp from 6cylinders?..thats a lot of boost.... how would this engine hold up long term...the engine looks like a piece of crap!!!!those who bought this new took a major hit!!!!.they are very rare, but for what ever reason, they dont get much for them... perhaps one of our resident collector car experts will chim in.... i personally wouldnt trade the g car for this, although this may be the better investment, i would rather drive the more modern, better car
  3. I agree. The lack of the motor it should've had(12 cyl) and no racing history makes it a not very important footnote in Jag history.
  4. I drove this car when a buddy of mine had it, here up North last year.

    He bought it last year at Monterey..........and subseqently sold it to a guy in Florida for a MURCI I think......

    Anyway its a cool car......but old. It wasnt that "tight" anymore and the interior was sort of hodgepodgged, same with the engine

    I am 6'2 245 and it was a ***** to sit in and drive. Very low roof, and the seats bit into your ass.

    These cars were all sold out before they were even made. Then at the last minute Jag cahnged the engine from a 12 cyl to the turbo v6. This and other changes had ALL the deposited buyers spooked.

    Alot of them fled from the cars......while others bought and lost a ton.... production was held back to just a hand full of cars (100's) then the Supercar craze came to a close.... 1980's

    Its not a car that will hold its value.............this one is in modest shape.

    Stay with the Lambo..............you will regret it if you dont.

    XJ220 was the "supercar that couldnt"................though it does look cool....and you wont see one on your block...or your state on the street most likely
  5. It’s awesome but wait till you have to fix something. It’s very expensive and hard to find parts on it. That’s why it’s falling in price so heavily
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  7. My dream car. The Z06 of hypercars. You just need to be a really good friend, of a competent mechanic. The parts prices. I have no idea how you can figure that one out.

    Imagine the suckers that paid well over list for the thing. Then some kept it for years, and financed it. + the maintainance. WOW. Cost of ownership per KM ? More than the 456 ? You are correct.

    That is the rock at the bottom of the pool. Problem is that you cannot find it.
  8. Hi ralfabco
    Does the SE30 come with crossdrilled rotors or is that after market?
  9. No, it actually made more like 580 hp corrected for standard temperature and pressure. With a simple swap to bigger turbos it makes well over 600 hp.

    See this recent thread for more info.

  10. If you want the real low down on these cars as far a maintenance, call Norwood performance. They have a couple that come in for service. Be sitting down when they tell you the price of a head gasket job..which you will need quite offten i'm told...
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  12. Small Dis / high HP Turbo engine.................10+ year old car = not well received, yet still nice to look at................expensive / hard to find repair/ money pit of an exotic.

    The market on this car is just to too..............

  13. That is stock. I am pretty sure the brake rotors are 330mm. Check Lamborghini cars on line. They have a real mouth watering report on the SE 30 !!!!!

    My car is all stock. I am thinking of putting a Japanese full titanium exhaust on my car. $5,500.

  14. That is who I called. I was real quiet after I hung up the phone. On FC, I wrote up the conversation I had about the maintainance. They are fairly close in the price of a very good Diablo. Just do not be bothered with 16K+ invoices for maintainance. Drugs are cool and everything, but they don't pay that well.

    Then there are the fuel bags/cells Uh Oh.
  15. ralfabco
    Is that exhaust 2 or 4 tips? Do you like this sound:

    On the SE30s do you get that 30 to 40hp increase like on the later models Diablos when changing the exhaust?

  16. The current stock exhaust is four tips. The offroad exhaust is two big cans that extend out and upwards. It is quite similar to the racing GTR Diablo. I am pretty sure it is SP engineering, who sells the offroad Japanese exhaust. I have his link in my computer.

    Yes you will get that bump along with changing the airfilters.
  17. It's a shame these ended up with such problems, they are among the most beautiful cars ever made IMO. For my early teen years, this was my favorite car...
  18. Its a very nice looking car, even till this day. but the interior looks like garbage.
  19. Unfortunately very 1988 Ford F-150-like.
  20. That's funny...:)
  21. isn't there a guy on F-chat that has two XJ220 LMs with Kinesis RIMS, I would love to see the interior of those two cars........talk about rare I think there are only 6 in the whole world and he has two of them
  22. The interior looks gross when compared to the beautiful exterior...
  23. I wonder how feasible an update would be: a CF dash with new gauges, MOMO wheel, alcantara upholstery, etc.
  24. I think it's just too big.
  25. ryalex-
    based on the cost of ownership, it would seem that an update would be quite reasonable!!! all custom im sure, but that would really make the car...ditch the C6 steering wheel, along with the ford fiesta pieces, drop in a nice stereo and thats about it! now lets do those engine mods....
  26. Is the XJ220 at the Jaguar dealership in Pasadena, CA an LM?
  27. thanks for the info and the thread.....

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