wow....dude, where is my murcie? | LamborghiniChat

wow....dude, where is my murcie?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. this company claims to do conversion of real murcie into a murcie roadster........granted, the murci roadster's top got less than rave reviews but this is a bit over the top....

    these owners have t/b the most insane people in the world....(i though i was...)
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  3. There goes the structural rigidity...


  4. vik....GO TO BED.
  5. That poor Murcie . It must be wondering what its doing in such a crappy shop.
  6. Trying to reproduce the Murci Roadster = Pathetic. They could usea bit of creativity!
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  8. Interesting collection of carbage on that site.
  9. Affolter conversion, I can understand = unique.................but that is just plain can see the expert craftsmanship used with the cardboard cuts used for measuring............might as well put a dead body in it and put for sale at prestige imports......I am sure you will get 2 fold..........jk
  10. mahool.....the light just went on (which is a very rare occurance...if you were me :)

    this is actually is a brilliant way to give the deap rapper's murcie a new identity....
  11. Is that a replica?

    You'd surely hav to be mad to do that to a £150k car!?
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  13. What do you expect him to do? , put a highend stero system, Xbox, some stupid body kit with an F18 hornet wing. neon lights and spinners!. Id rather see them build a replica roadster than rice it up with dumb suff like that.

  14. No thats not a replica because they arent replicating anything using a fiero chassis. You know how some Z06s have a softtop and you can get them custom on your Z. Thats basicly whats this guy is doing.

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