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Wing on the Murci

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Finished the installation. I ended up having some aluminum pieces fabricated so that I could actually bolt the wing to the center muffler cover, rather than the quarter panels. By doing this, I can change to a factory Murci wing when and if they come out with one, without having to repair quarter panels. The wing staunchions are actually just sitting on rubber gasket on the quarter panel. I also added black accent on the wheels, between all the open circles.
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  3. thank you aj, you are a GOD amongst men....gorgeous. lol. have the SRT-10's wheels always been black? i must be missing something.
  4. lol. I powdercoated them about 3 months ago.
  5. Nice,really finishes it off IMHO.
    Are all Murci rear views black and the ones I see body color are aftermarket painted or can you specify when new?


  6. My god that looks evil, and a good decision on the wing mounts. Dont want no holes on that beauty.


    What else do you have planned? Or is that a secret ;)
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  8. Jeff, they must be aftermarket painted. Im not sure though.

    I will probably ceramic coat the visable exhaust tips black next.
  9. Do you think you could post some better pics of the SRT in background? Maybe one of all three of your beasts together (pretty please)?
  10. oooh, the wing looks gorgeous on that car.. maybe if it was the pearl orange of the body colour, that would work as well !
  11. Gee 6.0, you do have good eyes. The decision to mount the wing on the engine bonnet is definitely right. The wheels look a bit strange to me though. I think the black area doesn't show up enough in picture. It maybe much better in the flesh. Congrat!

    I just scratched my right rear wheel so I may have a chance to go all black on the wheels sooner than expected.
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  13. It looks to me like it is angling up instead of down ... ??

    Surely I'm wrong?

  14. Looks great!
    Stunning car!

  15. Wow!!! The rims look superb. First time seeing them painted that way. Did you come up with that on your own creativity, or were you inspired by another set you'd seen? Love how they highlight the circles that way. And the orange, ooh the orange...mmm mmm, but I've rambled on that before... :D
  16. It looks like that to me too, however, I love the wing on the Murci. :thumbsup: I also like the black outs on the wheels. Something new and original
  17. It has 4 settings . It is currently in the "laid back" position. Even in this position though, the top surface is at 0 degrees. All SV/SE wings "look" like they are leaning back, but are not.
  18. ok here is where I will get hated, The wing looks out of place, and the wheels need to be all black like the ones from the pic from gumball3000, the Carbon wing that was on the White Murci from Japan looks more in line, but if your happy AJ we're happy!!!!!!!
  19. I like the wheels this way better than all black. The wing is hard to say. I really do like it, but since I know it is an add-on it looks like one to me. May be a bit too wide and tall, but it fits the body shape of the car. Is there a plan for a factory murci wing and if so what does it look like?

    I do like that it is your car and you modify it as you see fit.
  20. ok here is where I will get hated, The wing looks out of place, and the wheels need to be all black like the ones from the pic from gumball3000, the Carbon wing that was on the White Murci from Japan looks more in line, but if your happy AJ we're happy!!!!!!!
  21. Daaamn right. let him do what HE wants with HIS exotic cars. we are not to judge my friend. lol
  22. All black doesnt work on these wheels. They are 2 piece wheels, and it ruins the whole reason for the 2 piece separation. But what do I know.

    It wasnt a carbon wing on the Murci from Japan, it was an SE/SV wing painted black. Same wing, I just elected not to drill holes in the quarter panels, which cover over 40% of the CF area on the car. Do you have any idea what the repainting cost, or replacement cost of those quarter panels are? I do. But again, what do I know.

    Ive said this before and I'll say it again. I would never second guess what someone else chooses to do to their car, unless they were asking for opinions. By the way, there were 2 threads about this subject, and alot of people gave their opinions, which I respected. But when someone takes their own car, and has the guts to mod it to his liking, negative comments are out of line. But thats just how I choose to deal with things, as my Momma taught me "If you dont have something nice to say.............." But things in this world have changed, no doubt.

    The reason I posted these pics was because many here had been active in helping me come to some conclusions, so I thought I would show the results. Its too late to make changes, this is what I did. This isnt a photoshop, its a real car with real pics.
  23. Is that powder coated or decaled? Love the look of these wheels now! The first pic looks like they're decals, and the second pic is truely awesome. Wouldn't mind seeing this Murice in Chiarro Blue *ahem* PS guys *ahem* *ahem*
  24. Thanks Jimmy. I had aluminum pieces cut to go in between. Also had decals cut from the same mold. The cool thing is that I can change the look easily. I might make a set and paint them orange, and change them out. I got the idea from an ad in dupont registry which was a full page ad for wheels, but you could order the metal inserts in any color you wanted. Looked cool. I am experimenting with adding a little more black, as in the inner lug nuts. Also might do orange calipers. What do you think?
  25. The wheels with the black outs and orange calipers would look sweet IMO. I was trying to think of a contrasting color for the calipers, but nothing really good comes to mind. Yellow and red would look too light and too dark. Black, silver and gold are over done. Green, blue or purple...uh...yeah, just won't go there. The whole orange and black as a combo works great, I think. Do you plan to have the silver Lamborghini logo on the orange calipers?
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    ah...aluminum inserts. Does that affect the balancing at all at speeds? How did you affix them so that they come off? Remember those shoes from the early 80's Kaepa's that had the interchangeable logos pieces?
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  27. Cool shoes. Didnt remember those. Good old 3m. I actually did this on another car, and it worked well. No balancing issue. Up close, they look like part of the wheel. I didnt want to paint these, because I will get a set of the Roadster wheels when they become available, and sell these.
  28. I would probably go with the black lambo logo.

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