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Wing on 6.0???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Jun 12, 2004.

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  3. Wings on Diablos are aerodynamically redundant. They all look weird to me
  4. That is the early wing,put on the 91-95 cars.It had no benefit at all.The SV wings and 6.0 wings are lower and adjustable.
  5. And I might add better looking!
  6. That is a roadster wing. Look at the sides that curve down.

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  8. Here is a 6.0 wing picture.
  9. You are correct.My bad.This is the early wings.Missed the slope on the ends.
  10. It look like Lamborghini lowered the wing on later models. Reasons anybody??
  11. Yes.The early wings were like the Countach wings,extra weight and drag.The euro cars hardly ever had wings,but Lambo knew that US buyers loved wings.When they made the first "serious Diablo",the 94se,they actually designed a wing that was functional,and adjustable.All of the serious versions had a low,adjustable wing(sv,se,6.0).
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  13. I have seen the car..Lambo Dallas. It looked good to me, they've had it a long time, maybe the mileage 13,000 + just kills these cars.
  14. I love the car and color and would'nt mind taking a closer look if the price was right...It was $163k then they lowered it to $157k and now it is back to $163k...I wonder why it was lowered then raised again? I think it would look better with a carbon fiber 6.0 wing:):)
  15. Yes,that wing doesnt work for that car.6.0 demand,for the last 2 weeks,appears to be on the rise.Im sure Gary would sell that car for 156ish.
  16. That blue car came with no wing,and it was added by an owner.Thats the one he selected.
  17. From pictures of cars on the internet, I thought I did not want a wing. I was looking at the Red Diablo at Scottsville without one. After seeing my car with, I really like the way the wing was designed and the adjustment of the center piece.
  18. 6.0 wing. AHH,yes.
  19. I LOve the wings regardless.... wings are bad-a$$

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