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Window Tint

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by schackman, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Does anyone konw of a " VERY GOOD" Tinter in the NW Indiana, Chicagoland area that specializes in LAMBOS?

    I am leary of my guy doing the car only because of the door style ( Diablo SV)

    It seems much time will be spent in the car with water and dryers all over the car.

    I think the car will look great with tint !

    Any help much thanked !
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  3. Mine is tinted. Any high end shop can do the work, and knows how to be careful in the car. Its really a fairly easy deal in the Diablo.
  4. Schackman: We put tint on customers' Lambos all the time. Let me know if I can help out.

    Michael Wogronic
    Lamborghini Chicago
  5. What is the charge? What type of tint do you use?
  6. It costs about $425-475, and we use Madico film.
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  8. Jeez!!!!!!!! how can tints on a 2 door car cost almost $500 ?

    come on.. that car is no different than tinting other cars.. my NSX cost $125 .. Lotus costs $125. I know a guy who has a Diablo who paid $150 with Lifetime guarantee and the whole nine yards 3M film, etc..

    That price is simply because you are driving a Lambo.. Insane
  9. If you can find a Chicagoland area tinter that will do all five windows of a Lambo for less than $400, let me know. But I would need to have Madico film instead of the 3M stuff.
  10. Julian, the other thing you have to remember is it is illegal to have tinted windows in Illinois, so there are not many places that do it. In Florida, everyone and their grandma knows how to tint windows. I once saw a fruit stand on the side of the road that said "We tint windows". With so many places doing tints down there, of course it has to be cheap.
  11. That is an ok price on a quality film in the Chicago area.
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  13. I did not know that it was illegal.. I stand corrected... I guess I should keep my mouth shut!!

    If it's illegal, I guess $450 isn't bad being that there isn't many people doing it..

    Silly question, why would you get it tinted if it's illegal? I mean a Lambo is a show stopper in the first place and with tints, I would assume it gets alot of police attention.. Just wondering.. I guess a Camry with tints would go un-noticed more so than an exotic..

  14. Here is my 2 cents worth of advise- Ron Harper had my Diablo's windows tinted and with limited visibility already with the car design, the tinted windows made right and left turns a challenge at night. After living with the tinted windows for 2 months I am considering having the film removed. If you do it be really careful with elevated medians.
  15. Geez.....expensive is right....I can get all 5 windows done for $35 per window ($175 total....and thats in CAD $$)......Madico tint as well.....

    But then again.....I'm a long ways away from the windy city.
  16. I have the same problem at night or even on very cloudy days, I many times open my windows for side view at night.
  17. I paid $200 with black oynx tint which I think is made by Madico...It has the metal that reflects the heat and is wonderful in the 100 degree heat:) I had 20% installed on the sides and at night on a dark street you cant see anything outside, but during the day it is a blessing. The car stays much cooler and the AC does'nt work nearly as hard.

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