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Will the New 06 ZO6 give the Diablo's a run for the money???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. yes i agree one should not limit there car admirations to just one brand. cars are like people each have the own personality, and each can give you something that no other car will. and for the gentleman who says it is not always about money i must ask what planet are you from? casue on the one i live money is #1 and and nothing else matters. not advocating it but it is just the truth. also, maybe some places do open a car dealership because of their passion of cars but, remeber the "people who are already rich" did not get that way of small profit buissinesses.
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  3. You're VERY blessed :)

    I wonder what color the F430 will be ;)

    Will it be a F1 or 6 speed??
  4. I think I will try red and definately a 6 speed. Interior not decided as of this point in time.
  5. First off: The topic poster doesnt have much of a clue comparing a diablo to a zo6.
    why a diablo and not a murci for starters? thats like comparing the ferrari 430 to the 1991 ZR-1.
    The new corvette, well ALL corvettes, are bills as comfortable daily drivers that can really rip it at the drag strip. They dont handle properly and the entire body, interior, and springs are made from plastic
    And thats Exactly the Opposite of what a Diablo is!

    I read just C&D's preliminary road test in germany(of all places, what an insult it is to us to launch America's best loved sports car in Porsche's backyard) and there wasn't much to write home about. Basically, they took the C6 Z51 and made it faster. That's like redesigning a Rolex only to add more diamonds and not improve that fact that it cant tell time for sh*t.
    They reported that the ZO6 still has the same handling woes and all chevy's efforts were put to making it faster. It's quite a lot faster than say, a 911S, but its brakes are appalling, and the grip really isnt that impressive for the 325 racoon mashers in the back.
    The C6 was Very fast to begin with, so for a $20,000 option, I'd expect some handling sophistication and a refined transmission for starters. And for someone to at least cover that damn dash in leather or something, please!
    So now 70 grand and none of the Vette deficiency's have been addressed and you still have that awful plastic all over the damn place. I'm sorry, That is totally unacceptable
  6. If i could choose between a Vette, Ferrari or Lambo the Vette would be my last choice. It's a nice looking, good preforming car, but after all it's still just a Vette.
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  8. I've heard criticism of "vague chassis" but the tests I've read have liked the brakes.

  9. The C6 Z06 is great handling, great braking, great accelerating sports car..

    How the hell did the C6 Z06 nail 7.42 at the "ring" if it weren't.

    The car mags have to rag about some crap to give both the positive and the negative...

    Its what writers do to make a living.

    Best way to know for sure...

    Test drive the car for yourself and decide...

    Media BS is often just that. Sells the magazines very well though.

  10. You know whats really funny? (too me anyway)..is the fact that I work on Ferrari's, Lambo's and Porsche all day long. I don't get excited about these cars anymore. Maybe its becuase I taste the best Italy has to offer almost everyday. But when somthing different rolls in the door like a Z06 my mouth starts to water and I can barly wait for the road test.

    Why? I have know idea, maybe because its just different. Yes the quality is not there, and the interiors are junk, but step on that gas pedal and all that disappears real fast. The sound is great and handling will put a 355 to bed in no time. These are cars you can beat on, with out having to worry about the repair bill afterwords. There is a totaly different feeling and to them, you are more willing to beat on the car, more likely to push it that much further into the corner, more likely to hold that gear a little longer etc, in the Vette then in any exotic..why? becuase you know if it breaks its either under warrenty or can be fixed cheaply.

    When was the last time a Diablo owner (2wd), did a nice long burn out just for the fun of it? When was the last time you did a dumped clutch start from 5krpm just because you wanted too? When was the last time you hung you car sideways around a corner? When was the last time you took you Diablo to a corner store just to get milk and a newspaper? These are things you can do in the Vette, and not worry about it later that night. You can be a bit more careless in the car and how you drive it, because its not expensive if you break it. In ANY exotic, new or old, you always have that feeling in the back of your head that "these are fragile cars" or "its not designed for that type of thing" etc.

    Exotic car owners are a group of people that have more excuses for their cars then anyother group of enthusists. They are always saying things to justify the huge amount of dough they spent on their car, even when faced directly with a car that cost less then half the amount, that will kick its ass. The only thing they can say.."oh its still a Chevy" Big deal. You have a Lambo great, wonderful but you still lost the race.

    I love Lambo's and Ferrari. Corvette is not this type of car. It never was intented to be. It is a car that is fast and handles aswell if not better then most exotics on the market. So what if it does not cost 200k?

    Why is it that amount of money you pay for somthing matters on this board? Why can you guys not give credit where credit is due? What the hell is wrong with you people? Are you all really just a bunch of stuck up people who are trying to get back the youth you lost in highschool by buying expensive cars? Are you guys trying to make the bully that beat your ass and stole you lunch money jelous? I mean almost every post in this thread made by a Lambo owner either have the money issue brought into it or the "its still a chevy" comment. I thought this was a board, not only for Ferrari fans, but car enthusists in genral, who would give props to any car no matter what it says on the hood, if it was a real performance acheivement. Instead we have a bunch of elitist bastards crying in ther milk about a chevy..grow up people, there are people dying all around the world, and you more concered about your 200k car maintaing is status over a Chevy.
  11. It's not about how much you spend when you own a Ferrari or Lambo, it's about owning one of the most advanced and beautiful cars ever made. The Vette is a super car, but you see them 24/7 (mass production that's what i ment by it's just a Vette). I see you owned a 308 and now want a 550 HMMMM!
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  13. Of course they like the brakes, they stop well enough. But since the Vette's 'thing' is bang for the buck, they are appalling for $70k since a $45k boxster can stop quite a bit shorter.

    Because it It did NOT. That is a PROVEN FALSE INTERNET RUMOR!!!!!
    The 7.42 (i heard 7.40) time was done on a Supercharged 600hp 2900lb R-compounded ZO6 test mule! GM is experimenting with the idea of making a car to take on the likes of the SLR and Carrera GT. And looking at the stats, so far they are failing miserably considering they have matched the porsche in
    hp and weight and are no where near the CGT's 7.28 which btw is the fastest lap of the ring in history of a production car.

    Regardless, lap times have virtually nothing to do with handling, which incidently is the vettes worst attribute after its shabby interior components, balky transmission and overall unrefined demeanor

    Actually they only have to give positive because they get a lot of perks from car co's to write good things about them. So they said the ZO6 was a supercar and the best vette ever. You have to read between the lines sometimes to find out the truth.
    To dismiss expert road testers comments just because of perceived media 'bias' reminds me of those people who live in the woods with lots of guns and without electricity and claims that the govt sneaks into peoples houses at night and plants bugs
  14. Do you have a source? I have not seen convincing evidence either way.
  15. i have never seen so many grown men act like a bunch of little bickering school girls, lol.....6.0 fo life......I would buy the new Z06 though.
  16. what a stupid thread, these Amercian sports cars vs Italian Exoitcs always turn into a mess........
  17. we'll Im inpatient and after reading just 5 comments Im done with this Z06 crap. so hell no will it even compare in any way with the Diablo. It's 0-60 is 4.2, no matter what Chevy says, 1/4 in 12.3,now that is impressive, but it's just geared to sport those numbers. I hated when the Gallardo did it with the tall first gear, now they're fixing it and now that chevy took the easy way out its even more pathetic, plus i gaurente you'll never hear anyone in a mag complain about it too, you'll have to wait to see it in 5th gear :-D.
    Considering its a chevy its a great car and for the money it even better, but its still a front engine push rod v-8 gm, nothing snoby ment by it, but chevy stands for crap...sorry :(...oh and its not exotic and looks like crap IMHO, but since most can't afford a Ferrari or Lambo, buy the vette and enjoy, just don't act like a tiny-d!cted jellious lil b!tch and try and dismiss others cause they've so overpriced, or cost alot to insure, high maintence, ect, price just determines who can afford one and who can't...that's where the envy comes from :(
  18. A) It hasn't been proven false.
    B) It wasn't supercharged. The journalists were wrong. Some journalist wrote it "sounded" supercharged and everyone jumped on the BS train. Dave Hill, in response, said it wasn't supercharged *and* they didn't even have a working prototype of a supercharged car.
    C) It wasn't supercharged. Therefore the time is ultra-competitive.

    Poor handling, but still faster in the corners than most performance cars bar super-exotics.
  19. If you think a C6 Z06 does a 12.3 quarter mile...I have a bridge to sell you. I love how your post broke down into a long non-sensical rant. Very classy.
  20. if these corvettes resemble the condition in any way to my friends 87 corvette in terms of quality after 10x yrs, the whole Chevy is crap argument can be applied!

    the quality of the car was appaling!

  21. haha, check R&T Oct 05..dismiss it ya may,but 12.3 @ 116.6...oh btw how much ya want for that bridge :) ;)
  22. Oh, I know R&T did a 12.3@116mph. I also know they got a C5 Z06 in the 13s. Big Deal. The cars were faster than that. Hell, didn't they get a Murci at 12.3 as well?
  23. I take it you haven't sat in a C6 yet? The C6 is a huge leap up from previous Corvettes in terms of quality of the interior.
  24. I notice in your profile, your a student. I don't know many students that can afford $200k car, let alone a $45-$55k one. Just was curious.

    As for this thread, blah. Speed is overrated. If a car go a second faster, who cares? You can buy cheap cars and make them go fast. All these cars move quickly. What seperates these cars is sound, and how a person feels driving.

    The only "exotic" US-made exotics is the Ford GT, S7, Shelby Cobra and the Viper. I'm not a Corvette fan (they are nice, but I would buy spend a little more for a SLK or a Boxster-that's just my taste), but I think people get too wrapped up in how fast a car moves.
  25. ...let's settle this arguement down. The new Z06 is a fantastic effort on behalf of GM. No question it's performance numbers are impressive. It doesn't matter whether or not it will 'beat up' on a current Lambo. The real comparison will be when the successors to the current Lamborghini's come out. I am sure that the 'proper' heirarchy in the car world will be re-established then. The real determining factors are these: 1. What would you rather have in your garage? 2. What would people rather see driving by them on the road? nuff said.
  26. im sure thers a huge quality leap, that i dont doubt, just like the C5 was, much better but being a GM product, i doubt it will fare well. New Gm products still rattle, shake, skimmer like old Grand Prixs, only time will tell.
  27. The real question is this:

    Would you rather be driving a 997 Carrera or a C6 Z06. These cars actually compete with each other.
  28. Not come Summer of 2006, when the new Mustang GT500 hits dealers at an MSRP of $38,500...its going to be the cheapest 500hp car ever made. Although I cant say for sure right now, I dont see it beating the new Z06 in stock trim. The Mustang isn't exactly known for being a lightweight.

    But, I'd still rather have a GT500 than a Z06. Screw both cars for an F430, though.

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