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Will the New 06 ZO6 give the Diablo's a run for the money???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. Just curious having viewed Chevy's web cast from Detroit on the new ZO6, any thoughts here. Due the the wonderful reception I'm getting in firming up a F 430 deal, my thought's have turned to the new ZO6. In bright red of course. Here is the link to more info. http://www.chevrolet.com/corvettez06/
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  3. Possibly when a bunch of mods come out.. Two totally different cars though uncomparible if you ask me. The Z06 is a definetly a great achievement from Chevy but still wont be any compition for Lamborghini for Ferrari in terms of buyers maybe in Numbers thats it.

    The z06 doesnt look to bad but id take the F430 over it anyday.

    For you Id say keep the Diablo 6.0, Get a red F430 and a Red Z06. :)
  4. Soon, there will be ZO6's stuffed in every other garage and tall weeded lawn when Blue Book tanks that car. Diablo on the other hand will always be the most sought after, best car to be seen driving, super exotic.

    I'd say keep the F430. When that Ferrari is on the streets people will forget performance numbers very quickly upon sight.
  5. I have a different opinion. I think the Z06 is worth every dime. None of these exotics offer anything better than the Z06, other than quality of the interior materials, and having something exclusive. - They also offer the potential for hi maintainance bills. I really think it (ZO6) needs to be looked at. Just imagine the ZO6 with exhaust manifold headers, and a dual exhaust ? You can probably add another 50 bhp ? There is also plenty of potential, to update the engine with more power. - I am talking about the factory taking care of this. (not a hot rod). I do agree that it is quite unfortunate, to see two ZO6 coupes, everyday while driving home from work.

    The new Viper coupe, may be an alternative to the ZO6; for those seeking a little more exclusive car.

    Also the ZO6 will have no problem, with the Diablo in acceleration times. This also includes stock ZO6 vehicles, that can be picked up at your local Chevy dealer. - It is a problem. American car companies are currently giving away supercars.
  6. Does anyone else find it amusing that this "state of the art" vette, which hasn't been released yet is being compared to a car that went out of production four years ago. I love vettes, and owned a couple, probably will again, but if you are comparing performance, I would compare it to something from the same technological era.
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  8. Based on numbers, sounds like the Z06'll give most any showroom stock car w/a license plate a run for the money. Actually, for the money, Z06 might be the best deal out there.
  9. Now if only they would do something about that interior...


  10. This is true. I doubt GM will ever figure this out ? However look at the current Murcie. Most people feel that interior is a let down. I have heard Honda Accord mentioned with that interior.

    I have commented on this before. Look at the option sheets of some cars. There are "many" absolutely worthless options, that some companies offer forsale. - It is simply amazing that nobody will offer real gauges as an option. For the buyer who is willing to spend X on an expensive car, perhaps he might be willing to spend Y on "real" gauges ? What do they offer today ? Answer - A one piece flat board, with some needles.

    - Look at what they put on the cars of the 1930's. - Mother of pearl and brass !!!!! - Absolute works of art. I understand that they do not make cars by hand anymore. Someone will pay $750.00 for a yellow seat belt at Porsche. Perhaps they will pay substantially more for "real" gauges. - It makes more sense than the yellow seat belts.
  11. you cant compare an exotic, 12cyclinder, midengine wild lambo to the427 ci chevy vette...two different animals...the lambo looks better, much nicer interior, better engine sound, midengine handing and feel and exlusivity...the vette is a great car for the money, but it is not and will not be an exotic, for better or worse..
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  13. as for the exotic car vette comparison...i drove my brothers z06 and my 360 back to back on several occasions, the ferraris superior engine sound,high reving engine,.steering feel, nimbleness and driving position always come thru, even though the z06 was faster.....in real world driving it is more than just 0-60,top speed and skid path numbers....
  14. Can you imagine what a Z06 with a gutted interior, real seats, and 25k in suspension and engine mods will be?


  15. I might have to disagree with that. Since I don't know the exact numbers of the z06 I cant say for sure but despite the looks if ur looking for best numbers for price, your quest will probably lead you to the SRT4 or STi/EVO.
  16. The EVO is hard to beat for the money. 0.89 skidpad, 271hp(~225-230whp), internals that can handle up to 600hp, AWD. And the EVO has run a 12.9 in stock trim. With a larger turbo, more boost, suspension, and tuning ($5K), you can easily hit 400whp and run low 12's or high 11's and pull a skidpad of over 1.0

    But the EVO has a cheap interior. And you definitely would need a new clutch, as the stock one can barely handle the power it has.
  17. Having a ZO6, 360 and Diablo in the stable, I have to compare them to my children. I would not want to get rid of any of them. They all have different personalities. With the 360 and Diablo, boy do I miss those $19 oil changes!!
  18. i don't care how fast it is.

    it's still ugly and in no way comparable to a diablo.
  19. as far as production cars go it will be the best bang for your buck car. With simple bolt ons the car will maintain a warranty and put down 500 rwhp at 2900 lbs with the reliabilty of any stock car. Its hard to think of anything bad to say about it. Sure you can make that power with the evo or the neon, but they are not the same type of car the neon is fwd which is utterly useless in the sports car world and the Evo needs Major modifications to run with the big dogs. not just a new exhaust and filter.
  20. forgive me as i am new to the board but i will say that comparing the two isn't even fair. definitely not apples to apples. i have owned several cars that and maybe only one that is faster than the murci, but at the end of the day it's not about how fast you can go for X amount of dollars it's that a lambo is a lambo a ferrari is a ferrari, and the feeling of driving on of these works of art is second to none even if some punk like me has a mustang with 10K under the hood and could spank almost anything under the sun and give even an enzo a scare during a sprint.
  21. btw just saw a yellow 03 murci at local starbucks. unbeleivable. he even opened the doors for me just so i could smell it. what a nice car. sounded great, pretty sure he had aftermarket exhaust as well and it sounded un beleivable. oh yes and the smell! kind of like a mixture of real leather and too much money. ha ha!
  22. But back to the original question.....Not even close!
  23. I think the new Z06 will run right with and possibly beat the Diablo.

    500+hp at 3130 lbs is not to be taken lightly. Only time will tell.
  24. Who cares?

    A Corvette is speed. That's it.

    Lamborghini is speed and exclusivity and the look. No corvette can match that. A corvette doesn't turn heads.

  25. New z06 is definetly a work of art from chevy but it cant compare to exotics because its not. I appreciate it for what it is, it would make a fun weekend track car or a hot rod if your into American Muscle.

    Pictures and Article.

  26. I think the new Z06 can take on one of the first model Diablos. but not the VT, SE,SV or 6.0 VT. not the GT models.Those models do have over 500bhp

    I think this comparison or saying that it can beat it is stupid because the Diablo was made back in early 90"s and this new Z06 is being made today shouldnt it be compared to a Murcielago? insead of a Diablo?. The Diablo is no longer being made so this is like comparing the new MustangGT with the Ferrari testarossa.
  27. I came on here tonight and I read two threads so far. The first one showed a video of lightly modded honda S2000 embarassing 2 Ferrari 360 CS drivers around a road course. http://ferrarichat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44789&page=1&pp=20
    And this one comparing a corvette to a Lambo. By no means is my internet racing experience limited to tonight.

    Ultimately you have two trains of thought on the subject:

    1) the people who are amazed that someone would buy a sports car from ferrari or lambo because even though they have some of the best minds in the world charging in excess of $100K to build them an exclusive sports car, any old joe with a decent japanese or american car and a little left over cash can take them apart on the track.

    2) the people who already spent $150K on some italian exotica and take this opportunity to point out that they are getting a nicer car that also goes pretty fast.

    Both are right. And, I think, group 1 is having more fun on the road, and group 2 is having more fun when they get home to their supermodel girlfriends.
  28. What is even more entertaining ? Get ready for 600bhp. The Shelby concept will more than likely be produced after the GT. The Z06 will probably be bumped in similiar hp numbers within a year or two after introduction. - Chevy has consistently done this throughout the Corvette's production runs.

    I do want a new ZO6 (the upgraded car !!). Of course I would wait two or three years down the road, and purchase a new model at year end for 10K+ off of MSRP. (Imagine the car with two strait exhaust pipes, mufflers and real exhaust headers). Add another 40/50bhp ?

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