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Why so many New Gallardo and Murcielago's Available

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Is Lamborghini flooding the current market? Why do dealers have so many new ones on their showroom floors?
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  3. Perhaps dealers are getting more aggressive and ordering more inventory. Or maybe low mortgage rates have people buying second homes instead of cars. Or, it could be that there are a) more dealers that are b) advertising more, giving you the sense that there are more out there.

    Also consider that they recently went from like 400 Diablos a year to 1000 Gallardos and 400 Murcielagos (or something like that mentioned as targets), so they're trying to make 3X as many Lambos.
  4. you are right, greater supply, and not the demand to over for it....keep in mind even with the diablo, when they \only made 400 a year world wide, the car still depreciated significantly the first 1-2 years
  5. The srategy, as least as far as the Gallardo is concerned,Drop a large group initially. Get them in the hands of owners that will drive them,rave about them
    and create the demand! It is now harder for dealers to get cars than it was 2 months ago but that will change again soon. Hopefully these cars will see more use than your average Ferrari. I've had mine 6 weeks..I have 1800 miles on it.It would have a bunch more if I weren't working 6 days a week believe me.
  6. Audi needed to show income in Q4 '03 so they dumped alot of Gallardos all at once. I was told this by a very reliable source who ended up with 25 in his inventory much to his and his bankers dismay.
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  8. good job wayne...1800 miles!!! is it your daily driver and where do you park it?
  9. Unfortunately or fortunately, Lamborhinis are becoming more "practical" as a
    daily driver. Headroom. visibility, reliability, AC, interior space, power this
    and that, and the dealer network have all improved over the years. You
    now have a lot more people who want to consider there first Lamborghini.

    Years ago they styled the car, and attempted with limited resources to
    finish the "rest" of the car. They could not refine the entire car.

    They are driving them now. There are 6.0's with 30,000 miles. There is a
    Murcie on the market with 30,000. A daily driver for some. Too much
    practicality for some ?
  10. No it is not a daily driver. My store is in economically depressed area. No sense rubbing their nose in it. I drove my 996TT there daily but Porsche
    is low key compared to Ferrari and Lamborghini. I drove Gallardo there on a Sunday(my day off) for a 15 minute stop. When I came out A San Bernardino Cop (that knows me) said "I knew it must have been yours..
    no one else is crazy enough to park that car here!"
  11. Ohio Lamborghini has an 03 Murcielago, delivery miles, black/tan listing for $281k. They will take $257k. Any other great deals out there?
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  13. If I could sell my marketless 550 I'd be a player!
  14. I also notice that lambo's are driven alot more then Ferrari's and there is alot less lambo garage queens seen plenty of Murci's with 40-60k on the clocks. This is a good thing shows the realibility and usablity of the cars.
  15. i passed on a low milage 02 murci for 195k from a wholesaler
  16. you have seen penlty of murcis with 40-60k miles????? thats 30k miles a year!!!!! i havent seen any with this high milage..it would have to be a traveling sales rep using a murci for the job??? i have never seen that!!!!
  17. That car was a frame damage car. We were offered it and had it checked out at Beverly Hills and they gave us the news. As for good deals, how about a 400 mile perfect Murcie black on black with red stitch for 250k. I don't know if you guys think that is a good deal or not. As for the yellow 550, why don't you trade it? The tax savings should bring you around close to whole wouldn't it?

  18. Good thing you passed on it.A frame damage Murci aint no fun.If you come across any similar deals on a non-damage car,please let me know.Im in the market.
  19. If you're looking for a Murcie I'd wait. They are piling up and VW is still pushing them out. There are several 40th unsold and the Murcie GTR racecar doesn't look like a worldbeater which won't help sales either. I look for new unsold Murcies to break 200K within six months.

  20. I think 200k is wishfull thinking. Also, in my opinion the color on the 40th is not very flattering and probably has something to do with them not moving. Having the Gallardo available with pretty close numbers and similar look at over 100k less can't help either.
  21. That's WAY under invoice! I don't see that being a possibility.
  22. Jeff
    We'll see but I think that the number of unsold Murcie's esp. when interest rates rise which I think they will are going to cause real pain at the dealers who have them on floorplan. The Barchetta at 300K IMHO after the first few is going to drop like a set of car keys out of a Lear Jet as well. No real top and a very ugly rear side panel aren't going to help. You would think Lambo would have learned with the SE 30 Diabalo's that never really sold through either. Strange to me...
  23. Wayne
    IMHO the 40th SE's already would if you were a serious buyer. (under invioce)
  24. Dealers aren't budging from sticker on e-gear Murci's and as for world beaters didn't the e-gear Murci in Auto und sport beat the GT2 (previous prod. car record holder) by 3 seconds a lap at the ring running a 7.43. $200K is a dream for a new Murci but I was told that in 2 years there would be significant improvements made to it and then I think used 6 speeds will come down to that 175-200 range. Happy shopping to anyone looking though it is the most exciting car I've ever owned to this point. IMHO
  25. Jim
    I'm not talking about the street Murcie. I agree it's a great car. I think it's a lot more car than a 360 Spyder for the money some paid for Spyders ( over list) The only things I don't like about them (I drove a six speed) was the feel of the clutch and the lack of ANY interior storage. Mag racing does very little for me and times at the ring are esp. meaningless on different days due to weather, traffic, and drivers. The one that IMHO that won't be a world beater is the Racing Murcie. Real racing is quite different. P racecars ran in the 6's at the ring many years ago.
    I may be wrong but I still think there will be a huge glut of 200k+ cars of various makes and if VW raises Lambo production to even 2K much less than 5k units a year the market won't absorb it.
  26. How bad was the frame?
  27. Uhh...sure...if you say so. So Lamborghini is going to sell new cars for $50K under invoice cost? Uhh...try again. Even if you could get one for invoice ($250K), that would be an absolute steal. Consider for a moment the price of a 575, or 612. The market is somehow in such a glut that Lambo will be dumping Murcie's for $50K under invoice cost and Ferrari will be selling 575's and 612's in the $225K range? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

    New Murcie at $200K? Not happening.
  28. Invoice is a number on a piece of paper. I remember predicting on CNN/fn that YHOO was going to 15. At the time it was about 145. I was wrong. It went to 8.4. If you want to see where 612's will trade look at where 465's trade. Again this has nothing to do with the car.

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