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Why isn't Gallardo selling?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Napolis, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Why is this car not selling?
    Several dealers have them in stock: "Various colors"
    This is a serious question not a knock.
    The 360 is softening but there's still quite a bit of demand.
    Is the whole market getting saturated?
    Too many cars chasing a finite # of buyers?
    I like the Murcie but that too isn't selling.
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  3. I was at Lamborghini Dallas and the car I was supposed to test drive sold before I could get in it. Are these new cars being sold at a markup? If so, then they may not sell, indeed. I like to think the world is beginning to realize that the supply and competition does not warrant paying more than MSRP for the "value added" by the selling dealers. If you can get a Gallardo at sticker today, let me know where.
  4. A bit too Audi?

    Ferraris have hung on to their distinct character. The Murceilago and Gallardo, both undoubtedly fine cars and ones I'd be delighted to give garage space to, seem a long way from the extrovert, wonderful but flawed Diablo.
  5. I think for whatever reason Lamborghini can't give their name the kind of cache that Ferrari has. They have built a great, useable sports car, but somehow they can't capture that style, that brand name that is Ferrari. More people know the name Ferrari than Lamborghini - that's partly just because of the history of the marques. Lambo still hasn't been able to make that name for themselves.

    And so, as you posit, the market for 100K plus cars is limited. And for whatever reason, more of those in the market want a 360. I honestly think it's the brand name. Lamborghini hasn't made its name what Ferrari has made theirs.
  6. "If you want a Gallardo Right Now...They have a Yellow one (E-Gear. $185K) and a Black one (6-Speed. $170K) at Lamborghini Chicago/A.K.A./ Fox Valley Motorcars in West Chicago,Il. Brand new, Selling at,I believe,MSRP. I read that they weren't going to Price Gough on them. Check out their website: www.foxvalleymotorcars.com or-888-883-0915 Their website is really cool. For the specs. on the Gallardo,they have them,along with all of the available color options,which you can Click onto and the car turns that color. Lots of other cool cars there,too. I stop by there in my 308 all the time and oggle the beautiful selection of cars that they always have."
    I've also seen adds offering new one's from Lambo San Deigo and a Fla dealer.
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  8. Here in Thailand, a couple of cars arrived together several times since last Nov, all of them sold. There was one black one arrived last Friday. I went in to take a look today and it was sold. There will be another one arriving in two weeks time and they think it will be sold within a week of its arrival.
    By the way the 40th Anniversary Merciulago is gorgeous! A close look in the flesh did it justice. On paper, it didn't look like anything special.
    I personally doesn't like the car all that much. But you have to admit though, the Gallardo does look like a killer while the 360M is aging along quite nicely.
  9. Saw Gallardo lst week at Birmingham NEC and wasn't that impressed; car looks out of proportion , too short and a bit too wide.
  10. Thanks for the tip; I'll putter over Sat. to look as I've never seen one in the flesh.

  11. Lambo is Lambo!
    No matter what a great sports car they bild it will always be just that... a Lambo! (sorry allan...)
    Ferrari has proven itself in the race tracks for 60 years, their cars no matter how faulty and unreliable urge cries of awe from whoever sees them...
    Lamborghini bilds great road cars and much more reliable and dependable for everyday use than a Ferrari (well... now i don't know. the Maranello had some great reviews and stuff but the V8s are still very moody) but they just aren't as ... passionate, emotional, irrational??
    Ferrari is a heart thing...
    Lambo is... a mixed bag...

    Sorry all of you lambo lovers, it's a great car, but I'm just a Ferrari guy all the way... (although I would pick a Diablo over a 308 if given a choice).
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  13. James - interesting. I still havent really seen the market for 360's softening. I am looking. On the web site you forward they have a 2001 360 Titanium for 150K. And the interior color is bourdeaux - not the hottest. Think about that - a 3 year old 360 is selling for only $20K less than a brand new Gallardo at the same dealership. I think the Gallardo is a better car on paper and performance wise, but I still want a 360. Maybe that's the cache that others have been referring to. I like the Gallardo though - I think it is good looking and good value.
  14. I know people are sick to death of the "Ferrari mystique" arguments if they don't share it, but I'll bet that Lambo owners who have massive repairs eventually sour on the brand and go elsewhere (not to say Lambos are unreliable as a whole!) while Ferrari owers rarely if ever sour on unreliable Ferraris; they tend to sell them and buy another Ferrari model.

  15. This is my opinion,

    If the new lambo had a BMW badge it would be flying off the floors, and it is because BMW is a player in F1.

    Lambo is just a very nice exotic car, but do you feel apart of anything?

    Just my .02

  16. Rod
    You are a very interesting test case. Please drive both and report. For 20k more I would want a Gallarado than a 3 year old 360 but that is me.
  17. Talk with Michael at RedLine74@aol.com, he sells Lambos and Ferraris for LoC. Sponsor of LamborghiniChat.com.
  18. Because of its ugly be-hind. Damn the car is cool from front, but when the rear is going by, you feel like puking :(
  19. No offense to those that own Lambo, but their lines have never been beautiful in classy sense - very abrupt lines. I viewed the Gallardo (sp?) at the San Jose Auto Show last week and from far away I thought it was a Mitsubishi prototype (possibly an eclipse on steriods).

    This is just a personal opinion - don't intend to "ruffle any feathers".
  20. If anyone is looking for a Gallardo, contact Mike Wogronic at Lambo Chicago (630-231-3400 or on his cell at 630-430-7400). The guy is a class act, for sure. He won't take advantage of you, and will likely sell you a car at MSRP. He is the most down to earth salesperson I have met in a long time.
  21. LOL! You guys just keep telling yourselves that the Gallardos are not selling. Call Kurt at Ultimate Motors, and he'll give you the lowdown. As for Ferrari mystique, lol, Lambo has that 10 fold. But, atleast you can hold onto your Ferrari f1 winning aura when a Lambo blows your doors off.
  22. I think the same way, but here is a funny story:

    Had to take my 308 to the emissions test. You would think thanks to Magnum P.I. everybody knows a 308 by now. Well, the first thing that came out of the test person's mouth was: Look, a Lamborghini!

    So who's got more brand recognition?
  23. Saw the cat today and have to say the side profile is nice but thats about it, all that blck mesh everywhere , the back especially in a bright colour looks awful. Interior a big put off.
  24. Alan
    This isn't about what you'd rather own. I'd buy a Murcie over a 360 as would you. That's not the point. If they are selling why are dealers advertising new one's "availible in many colors?" I've posted 2 at msrp. So far F dealers aren't listing new 360's at msrp. Murcie sales are even slower. There are several "40th" one's unsold out of a very small run.
    VW/Audi spent a lot of $ on Lambo. The euro/$ is costing them 25%. This may turn out to be a distaster for them.
  25. oh - i'd take a murcie over a 360 any day of the week and twice on sunday. but that's a big price delta - apples to oranges.

    here's my question, napolis: are you SURE that these cars aren't selling? are you SURE they're moving at MSRP?

    it's one thing for dealers to post stuff for sale on the net. they do that all the time as sales tactic "oh - yeah - that yellow one, well we sold that just yesterday in fact BUT i have a new one coming in in about six weeks..."

    do you have hard data that says they're not moving? specifically, do you have data that says they're priced reasonably and not moving (for sure there must be 40ths sitting around at $50K over that ain't going nowhere)?


  26. And to think that VW's sales are plungging. The new Golf is not a success to say the least..and from the rest of the range only the Passat is doing ok...

    Dont know about Audi...

    I know the Bentley wont make money..yet.

    Dark times for VW.
  27. KVERGES.Yes,I originally posted that quote that Napolis put in.Regadring Lamborghini Chicago/Fox Valley Motorcars. Definitely check out Lambo.Chicago/Fox Valley Motors in West Chicago,IL. They have the Gallardos in stock RIGHT NOW,and can order you one,at MSRP,in any color that you want,(that lambo. offers) . I stop by there frequently,and they also always have a really great,Varied selection of Exotics,Sportscars,and Sport Sedans. Check out their website. Very Cool,and innovative. If you don't get a Gallardo,they always have a few Murcielago's and Diablo's on hand,and right now,they have a White/Black Countach. If you have access to a private plane or jet,they are just a couple miles from the DuPage Airport. Or,about 1/2 hour from O'Hare airport. There are Hotels close by there,too.
  28. It's a bit presumptuous to take a heavy winter-climate area, say Chicago, and make the assertation that they have plenty of Gallardos for sale just because one dealer there has two of them. They've had a mild winter, but there have still been plenty of days under 32 degrees.

    Plus VW is concerned about the long haul. As far as this being a "disaster" for them, that's laughable. They surely have economic forecasting for the next decade for all of their divisions, which includes the potential softening of the Euro v. Dollar. And they are still briskly moving forward on bringing out new versions of both the Murci and the Gallardo asap, despite the Dollar's activity.

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