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Why is this Murcielago so cheap?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bumboola, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. A 2002 Murcielago, yellow, 120 miles, LA # in Autoweek for $175k.

    Is this a European model?

    Anybody know the story with it?
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  3. Its the wrecked one thats been going around. Fell off the container, major damage.
  4. I saw that as well, knew it must have had a story.
  5. MAJOR damage, I was told. I was also told that it looks perfect now. Still, I would stay away.
  6. I called about that car & the lady i spoke to (wife of the owner) told me the husband owned the car for 3 hours and crashed the car coming onto an on ramp on the Interstate.

    The car was fixed by Ultimate Motors in Longwood FL. there are pics of the before & after.

    A good deal on a car IF you plan to keep it for a long time, it appears resale though will "Kill" you.

    Car does have a Salvage Title.

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  8. Is this the car in question?

  9. geeze i would HATE to be that guy...... ouch!
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  12. if it is in fact the yellow one on wreckedexotics that burnout posted (cf. below) then it looks like it was an eminently repairable accident (unless there's a LOT more to it on the passenger side!). the only real risk would be that they didn't get the frame back right, but otherwise the drive train should be kosher (AWD front stuff excepted, but that should also be eminently repairable).

    i agree that resale would be a nightmare.

    what do you guys think it's REALLY worth? apparently it's not worth $175K since nobody is buying at that level, and this certainly is not a not-in-demand vehicle. at a minimum, you figure some sleazy dealer in a title-washing state might pick it up and try to flip it with a non-salvage title.

  13. That car is in the Jan Dupont as well. All put back together. I think Doody's right, this car will be sold and title will be washed and someone will be screwed down the line. Note to self, if and when you are buying a yellow Murci, don't forget the PPI!
  14. If the car was exported to some far off foregin country, it could be rather lucrative to someone.

    You can quite easily get the title cleared up, i know quite a few states did send back salvage titles with a clean title after re applying.

    Had that car been the lime green & gray, i would have bought it, as i'm really itching for that colour, but yellow, nah.....................
  15. That car shouldn't be put back on the roads.

    It sounds like a fortune was spent buying the car, fixing it, then loosing a load on resale value! What a negative hit finanacially!

    Message to self- Never crash a Murcielago.
  16. moulag, thats a diablo ;)
  17. He certainly did a good job wrecking this car ! 3 hours only ! Poor car.
  18. i agree. it would suck to be him :(
  19. shelbee - did you click through on the carfax for that diablo? it reports NO ACCIDENTS!


  20. lol, classic. you should take out the 5k claim on that and then show them the pix, you'll be $5k richer
  21. According to lamborghiniregistry.com the yellow Murci had only 20 miles or something - it crashed the very first day, the driver was not hurt in the accident so he went back to the dealer and orderd a new one - a red one.
    there are a bunch of pix of that car on my site

    When it comes to the purple Diablo - I belive it use to belong to a famous singer, Missy Elliot or something - it was wrecked by an emplyee
    from a towing company.............I belive he STILL pays for the damages.

    The black VT crashed at Atlanta road show - driver lost control (see the skid marks) and smashed into the wall of concrete.
  22. I like on that site how you look and see the first pix and think "oh that ain't so bad" then the last shot, the kicker and you are like "HOLY****!"

    Hey, maybe my old 550 will end up there LOL

  23. If your old 550 is crashed I might have it - I've got a BUNCH of 550's who are not on the site yet - gonna rebuild the site.
    Do you have any pix of it??
  24. No pix of the car f'd up. I just got rid of my car this past week.
  25. That 2002 yellow Murcielago was purchased from Nelson Autogroup in Marysville, Ohio (just outside Columbus). The new owner managed to crash it while he was driving on the on-ramp to get onto S.R. 33 heading back to Columbus. He had actually driven the car only about 1 mile or so. The other miles were test miles by the dealership. The story about him going back to the dealer and ordering a new one is correct. This info came from the owner of Nelson Autogroup, who is a very nice person and a pleasure to deal with.
  26. Yes, the story is true. I also bought my Sv from them.

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