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Why do this?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Fan512bbi, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. The Countach is one of the most beautiful cars on the planet, so why do owners do this sort of thing to them?
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  3. Are those 2 different cars? One of the pics has a cool SV engine cover on it, the others dont. Maybe various sequence shots of his mods. You know, too each his own. There are a couple of things I like there, mostly the SV engine cover.
  4. The same car over a different time period, i agree with what you say, some of the mods on their own are nice, but too much spoils the effect.
  5. No offense to Countach owners...

    I got a call from a customer last week who has a "Knight Rider" replica. I got into a discussion with a coworker about these cars and we reminisced about how bad we wanted those cars when we were kids. I completely do not want one now though - I'd never be seen dead driving a KITT replica. The reason was because the cars were all show. When you grew up, your tastes changed and the outrageous KITT with its laser scanner, black rims, ejection seats and super-duper-turbo just seemed lame. But this guy that called was totally into it... something in his head made him still like KITT and long for the car. To me, lame... to him, cool.

    This Countach is an example of that. I think lots of us drooled over these cars when young. When we grew up, most of us realized it was a gaudy car and utterly unreliable, without the performance it's spaceship looks would suggest. On the other hand, there are guys who still drooled over the car, and wanted even MORE than the actual car was. More swoopy, more lines, vents, angles, and crap. Thats why this sort of bodywork exists, for the guy who just doesn't have a sense of taste!
  6. Do you have a front shot with the SV engine cover on? The roof snorkels.
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  8. I think he needs some more scoops!

    I count 68 scoops/vents/whatever ya call em. That's not including the 2 snorkels on top for the SV mod AJ mentions. So say 70.

    Is that even a real countach? the front wheel offset looks way too deep like most kit cars do.
  9. Utterly unreliable? Dont think so. A well tuned Countach will still run with the best of whats made today. In its day, it was the king. today its still the king.
  10. Sorry none from the front, it is a real Countach, it is from Japan, here are 2 more before it went OTT.
  11. Agreed, but the TR give it a run for it's money.
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  13. Same year TR is not even close, in anything but maybe top speed if the Countach has the rear wing. Acceleration is night and day.
  14. Are you forgetting handling, on the same course with same driver the TR was 2.4 seconds quicker than the countach.
  15. And which course was that? How about the Derek Bell article where of all the cars he tested, including an f40, Mclaren f1 the Countachs handling is what suprised him the most.
  16. I am not going to be drawn into a argument over Ferrari v Lamborghini, it as been done so many times it is getting boring, and straying away from the original thred, both are great cars, witch is greatest, we will never agree, so we will agree to disagree.
  17. I think we can agree that THIS particular countach in question is not the best candidate for consideration!
  18. I think I will agree on that.
  19. Thats a fact jack!
  20. I have never owned a Countach, but I know 3 guys who have, and one guy who does. The guy who has one currently always talks about the little gremlins he is always chasing in the car. Always seems to be something - hinges need adjusted, electrical quirks, whatever, but it always seems to need something. Moreso than other 20 year old cars? I dunno... but you can't just go to AutoZone and pick up a new part either. He doesn't drive it much. The guys I know that previously owned them - they ALL tell me "never again". Words like "money pit" get thrown around a lot.

    Regarding the performance... it was a runner in it's day, but now it's not exactly fast by modern standards. A Mustang GT or Camaro Z28 will eat a Countach alive.... forget about the next level of cars like the Corvette, Viper, NSX, 911, etc, etc.

    Nice cars - I can appreciate them, but I'd never own one.
  21. What's with the "R" on the hood? Does this belong to Mr. Rice-a-Roni?
  22. Ive heard those stories, but after 22 years of C/T ownership, I say nonsense. Not trying to be contrary, but the 80's Countach would run into the 190's. I cant imagine it getting eaten alive by the cars you mentioned. In fact, the SRT Viper is the only car you mentioned that can even get into the 190's, and thats 15 years after the Countach production stopped. It was and is a very capable handling car. Yes, its not a 0-60 type of car, but after 100mph, watch out. jmho.
  23. i kinda like it... although if i had one i'd leave it stock.... the chrome rims are a bit much and so are the ugly mods to the front hood.... and they are 2 diff cars right? the rear lights are different on each of them
  24. Typical Japanese car owner's mentality....I think. They can't keep it stock, gotta add something to it...which in many many cases, they improve the look of most cars. But for this Countach, it just fails.

    This is by no mean an assult on the Japanese owners who modify their cars. I would do the same thing given enough budget and resources (meaning, upgraded wheels, tastful bodykit, nice exhaust, etc).

    Hey...I own the 512TR and am proudly a ricer...ha ha.
  25. It is the same car, the photos were taken over a period of time.
  26. ahhh good call... good thing there isnt 2 dummies who would mess up a car like this one.

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