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White Gallardo Inquiry AGAIN ...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by twinturbo, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I know I must be killing everybody but has anyone stumbled across a real pic of the Gallardo in white other than the Japanese website banner one?

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  4. I used to have a pic of one in a showroom in Hong Kong I think. don't have it anymore though, sorry.
  5. Nice pic, i've 3 or 4 at Dubai, my friend JJ4ever send me those, i will search in my arquives and later i add here
  6. You looking for a company car or something?
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  8. im pretty sure thats a very light silver..... the lighting washes out the front and the back of the hood is the correct color of the car.... definatly does not look white too me....
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  10. White is for appliances, delivery vans and rental cars. Oh, and if you are mired in the 80s. If you can't find a G in white, call Don Johnson and see if he still has the TR.
  11. the one in the link is the one I was talking about. looks really nice.
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  13. Yes, the 21st century is all about embracing your inner sheep and buying a silver or grey car like the rest of the herd.

    1994 WHITE Lotus Esprit
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  15. I think white looks great...it shows all the curves

  16. THANKS SOOO much ... looks better than I expected ... yes don't buy a white car if you want people to mock you and think you're different ... stick with silver

  17. Man and i thought keeping a black car clean was tough. Thats on a whole different level!
  18. actually white cars look cleaner because dirt doesn't show up on them very easily ... I don't know how that works but it's true ... I can keep my white range rover filthy dirty and when I park it next to my moms black one it looks cleaner?

    Can't explain the logic though?

  19. ok those last ones look white... now i'll shutup. i must say not bad though. usually i dont like white cars but this isnt that nasty.... thanks for the pics.

  20. Silver is for M-B, Porsche and is OK at best. Another terrible color for an exotic, IMO.

    Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple or other vibrant colors for exotics
  21. I think the white Gallardo looks mega sexy.
  22. Agreed
  23. White with red interior... ahhhh... :)

    I would get orange though. It's too bad they're not letting customers get custom colors on Gallardos yet, cause I'm sure we'll see some great new colors from more individualistic clients.
  24. Those white G's look awesome!
  25. White exotics... sexy indeed. In fact, I might say that it leaves you breathless. I can look at this car and hear the ringing in my ears. Some cars simply do not need an unusual color or shiny wheels to attract attention. I think the white on this one really grabs you from within. Just my thoughts.
  26. ....or white inserts on black on a white exterior.

    I'd have to say, after drooling over many a white/white Countach, that white is definately a Lambo colour (after orange and lime green)

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