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White 98' Diablo SV (VS-Victoria's Secret) possible good deal!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Nemo666, Apr 29, 2004.

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  2. What happened to the "VS" letters???, and those cute girls?????
  3. Its getting closer to what its worth.It should be in the 135 range,unless the Victoria Secret stuff means anything to the buyer.
  4. I've never been a fan of white diablo'sThere great looking cars but I would rather see a couple brazilian supermodels myself.To bad you can't buy them.Or maybe you can in brazil.:)
  5. Speaking of Supermodels... I've noticed if you stare at this photo long enough... a white Diablo appears in the background.
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  7. Damn the car, I want the girls.
  8. LMAO!!Your right,but I only see the wheels.
  9. If it was a year from now and I was done with my house. that car would be in my new garage. Timing is a Bi+<h sometimes. wel can someone else give it a loving home for a year or so and Ill buy it then??
    we can split the supermodels:)
  10. anyone got more links to pics of the car + models?
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  12. If you had about $ 350,000 to spare in 1999, you could always try to get one of the limited edition Diablo VS special Lamborghini's.It wasn't a factory authorized car but a special ordered modified Diablo SV for Victoria's Secret, in cooperation with Lamborghini USA. The original car was a Pearl-metallic White Diablo SV ordered by Victoria's Secret as a publicity stunt for the 1998 Christmas Catalogue. The VS logo on the side of the car represent the Victoria's Secret company initials, they are in fact the standard 'SV' logo mounted in reverse, since the stickers are delivered with the car unmounted on the doors it wasn't too difficult to inverse the logo.
    A more difficult task were the headrests, they too include the reversed SV logo, but this was done by Automobili Lamborghini SpA in Italy, they can be persuaded into doing custom work for most customers if you can afford the rather high costs.
    From the 1998 Christmas Catalogue you could however order this or a similar car directly from Victoria's Secret. All Diablo VS were to be finished in Pearl-metallic White over a creme leather interior and naturally the big VS-logo mounted on both sides of the car. On the inside an Alpine navigation system was installed coupled to a 6-disc CD changer, a custom luggage set made to match the interior and some special driving gloves, again in the same leather as the magnificent seats. Even a matching cellular phone case was delivered with the car. The rear wing of the Diablo SV was also mounted, painted in the same pearl-metallic white as the rest of this truly exotic car, also chrome finished three-piece five spoke wheels are mounted, 18 inch to the front and rear. If you would have bought this car, you would also receive a free trip to Las Vegas and a weekend to drive your Diablo under the eye of a professional test driver. The car pictured here with the six models had chassis nr. WLA12945 and was sold to an American customer, it still resides in the United States and according to several sources, a second Diablo VS wasn't ordered so it remains a one-off truly special Diablo.

  13. I want the girls and the car for 145k!!! Ok ... you can drop the car. :D

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