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Which is more costly...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dmcgill, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Out of the two, Ferrari and Lamborghini, and beyond the initial purchase price...which is more expensive to own, an F-Car or an L-Car? Speaking 12 cylinders of course.

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  3. Well, to make a short story long....

    I'll discount reliability since you may have a lemon Ferrari and a perfect Lamborghini, or the opposite.

    The Ferraris will cost more to maintain over the years.

    Both are just about equal to fix. (Some will disagree stating that they have inexpensive repairs, but as the owner of an extended warranty company that only deals with exotics such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, Bentley, RR, etc.., both are near equal to fix). Some parts on a Lamborghini take more time to replace than others, as they do on a Ferrari too.

    The clutch on a Lamborghini is more expensive to replace than on Ferrari from what I am told (since we don't pay for this, I don't know the actual numbers).

    All in all, the Lamborghini with maintenance will cost you less than a Ferrari V12. The primary reason is Ferrari's timing belts.

  4. Doug, I posted some time ago on my 13 years of driving Diablos well over 100k miles. If I remember right, the annual cost of all service was $2800. Thats very low for a high maintenance car. My TR's, 348, and F40 were much higher than that to maintain. I never had a motor out of a Diablo, but every one of the 8 F cars I have owned required that to happen.(except the F40) Thats just my experience though. My good friend, Robert Ball of Supercars international, has a business which only caters to F and L car repairs. His statement of 20 years of repairing these cars is"Ferraris require much more attention and are much costlier to maintain. Lambo parts are much higher priced than F car parts, but that is changing with Audi at the helm".
  5. Wow. Thank you AJ!! This is extremely good news. $2,800 anually? For all services? This IS extremely lower than i had thought. I should imagine things getting a little cheaper as well with Audi in charge. On average, about how many times a year do your Lambo's have to visit the service center?
  6. Keep in mind that is my ACTUAL costs. I know how to drive the cars to preserve the clutch, and other items. I know a guy who just purchased a 91 Diablo, and burned up the clutch in 2 days. That will cost him 8k. I will also say that my experience has not involved later model F cars. I understand that they are quite reasonable to maintain, at least thats what Im told.

    I take my Lambo's in for regular oil changes, tires, etc...Maybe 3-4 times a year on average. Mostly preventative maintenance.
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  8. Thanks aj, i'll talk to you in 10-20 years when i buy my 6.0 (black/tan/wing), and maybe you can give me some Lamborghini Driving Tips!!!

  9. Doug I'll sell you an option to buy my Lamborghini in 10 years for $100,000 for $1000 in time value, expires Euro style. :)

  10. hey could you post pics of your Diablo? i think you, aj, and dave (racerdj) are the only 6.0 owners on here. if it looks nice i might consider!! lol.jk

  11. Hi Doug,

    Go to www.slantback.com and click on the "2001 Lamborghini Diablo" link. There's 95 pictures there and the large ones are 3.5Mb/each. You'll know every square inch after seeing the pics.

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  13. lambos, esp of the last 10 years, are better built than f cars...the new audi lambos are much better built!!!!maybe ferrari needs bmw to buy it and help with build quality...but what do you expect for 200-250k?
  14. Its a done deal!! astonishing!!! my new favorite color combo. the only thing missing is the wing, if its under $10,000 i already have enough!!!


  15. Oh HELL NO!
  16. Hell yes. Ray, why are you so against the best Lambo's ever built?
  17. This has to be one of the best documented Diablos (in pictures) I've ever seen!!!
  18. But back to the original question, both cars on annual maintence (fluids etc) are on the same level. I cannot speak on the additional maintence costs as both of my cars have not needed any. BTY the ZO6 oil/fluid changes are much cheaper even with Mobile 1.
  19. From what ive seen, every Lambo has better build quality than a corresponding fcar.

    Someone who owns a 348, should not be doubting ANY manufacturers build quality.
  20. Ben,

    Those are terrific pictures! Fantastic to see a Diablo without a wing too (looks MUCH better that way in my mind).
  21. Thanks for the thumbs up guys. I'm not a 'wing' man, AJ might shoot me if I say it too often though. :)
  22. LOL. No Ben, that is personal pref. If you like it, I like it.

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