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Which Exhaust for Murci?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jim g, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. I just got the info on three different exhausts for my new Murci. Which one should I go with. 1) Tubi for $3900. 2)Platinum Motors Stage 1 Sport Exhaust for $3900. 3)Platinum Motors stage 2 which they said "isn't street legal but its their most popular choice" consisting of cat bypass pipes, K & N freeer flowing intake and sport exhaust said to add 20 to 30 hp all for $5500. I'm leaning towards choice three but have only actually heard the Tubi and don't want the cabin to resonate like the exhaust on my X50 996 TT. Any input!!!
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  3. Can't go wrong with the TUBI...sounds sooo nice...BTW, is it me or are we getting more and more murcielago owners?:)
  4. Well the K+N filters are very inexpensive. 200.00 max. So they are charging you 1300.oo additional for bypass pipes. I would definately dump the cats, i would dump all 4, im sure they only dump 2. You lose about 90pds of weight also. With all 4 cats gone, your looking at around 50hp.
  5. I agree, Platinum Motors has the best exhaust for these cars. I would put a stage 2 exhaust on that Murcielago. Call them at (714) 546-4000. They are the best in the business and stand by all their products. Good luck.
  6. That Tubi price is way to high....I paid $2300 installed. PM me if you want contact info.
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  8. I have a question. Why in the world would someone spend over 200K on a car and immediatly start tearing it up? It's not good enough? The factory blew it? It's not fast enough? What?

    Not trying to be Smart-aleck, just don't understand.
  9. I changed my exhaust in my Lamborghini Sv and now it sound like a formula one car.
  10. what did you change it to?
  11. Have you heard a stock 360, gallardo, murcielago before? its quite tame in terms of sound, no theres nothing really wrong with what comes out of the factory its the regulations we have now adays that limit our cars. IMO if you do buy a 200K supercar it better sound like the baddest thing on the road and not like any other bmw or mercedes-benz..
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  13. Not to mention the stock exhaust is a big restrictive POS 90lb box of crap:)
  14. OK now I understand.
  15. well said, these are not stealth performance cars!!!!
  16. If you have to ask...you wouldn't understand....
  17. Any thoughts about Gemballa exhaust on the Murcie? Someone who drives with us sometimes has a Murcie with Gemballa exhaust. I haven't heard it myself, but my other driving buddies who have said it's very, very loud. The words used to describe it are: earth-shaking, eardrum-popping etc...
  18. I actually bought a stage two, bypassing 2 cats from Kurt at White Racing Products in Tampa. He's supposed to be shipping it Friday and I should have it installed in about a week his words to describe the system are its the mutts nuts with a marked performance increase and the car should come from the factory like this so I'll post impressions once I get installed.
  19. Oh, I also got the K & N filters, figured it couldn't hurt.
  20. Jim, what brand of exhaust is it?
  21. I Don't know to tell you the truth it was highly recommended to me over on ****************. I know its been sent from Europe White Racings email address is zr1power@aol.com. Maybe Allan knows the brand.
  22. Oh Clax the guys name at White Racing is Kurt, also a Lambo owner.
  23. I believe it is Larani.
  24. Sorry, Larini.
  25. Oh Rob. When are you going to create a Lamborghini Section ?
  26. Today I drove a Murcielago 6 speed with Tubi and it sounds great. I even made the salesman drive it so I could stand outside to hear it. It sound a little deeper than the 360/Tubi. It does not sound abnoxious at all. No resonance inside with or without the windows closed.
  27. I was taken back by the price at Fox Valley of $7000.00 installed though.

  28. Fox Valley is'nt known for their competitive prices, which dealership is closest to you?

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