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where would lambo be today without audi?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. just a thought, what would lambo look like today if audi never bought them? this assuming they still be in business....would the diablo still be production? or would they have a completely new model, wilder looking inside and out thaan the murci...i doubt a second model like the g car would have come out due to the great cost of development...is lambo better off with audi? or did audi take the edge off the wild lambo beasts of the past? will audi add too many parts from the corporate parts bin or will their engineering know how lead to faster and better cars?..will the production number of the lambos , which is now much higher than the diablo days, make the lambos too common? ....as much as i miss the diablo and countach ,i think the extra money and know how from audi will allow faster and better lambos in the future.....i just hope they dont make the cars too german and leave some of the italian flair....and hopefully no chassis and engine sharing with audi!!!!!your thoughts?
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  3. More to the point where would Bugatti be today if VW / Audi hadnt bought it, come to think of it where is the bugatti today...and tommorrow ..etc etc LOL
  4. That is a good question. Remember the early Diablos? That is what the cars would look like today just with an updated look. Audi did an amazing job with the company, and the technology in the cars such as the Merci, is just simply amazing. They remind me of a BMW with a lot more power.
  5. You may or may not have made alot of lambo owners mad with that bmw statement. Lets wait and see :D
  6. an exotic looking, more powerful bmw would be theperfect sports car!!!
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  8. Stand by to be shocked -

    According to the Pres of the Lamborghini Owners Club. -

    The Murcie is basically 80% of the Diablo !!!
  9. I guess we shall ;).

    One thing is for sure though, Audi did right with Lamborghini!
  10. I think it's great that Audi owns Lamborghini, Lamborghini finally has the funding for development, it would be nice if they went for a more wild Italian look, but the look of the Murci and Gallardo although toned down still have a breathtaking apperance. And with that said let me finish by saying that I would much rather have some spare parts coming from an Audi bin than a Fiat bin.
  11. that is hard to believe....isnt the murci all alu. chassis?it is certainly has alll new body pannels and interior...perhaps he meant the engines share 80% ofthe same components?
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    It would look like a Diablo with NSX headlights and Garbage cans grafted onto the rear cooling intakes!
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  14. YEAH! And we could even have McLaren build the body completely out of
    carbon fiber....

    Oh wait...
  15. Thank God for Audi...
    Not only money but all the resources that have become available to Lambo like engineering, wind tunnels, etc etc. They also want to preserve the brand and the legend.

    In the book 40 Years of Lambo, the author stated that when the designers for the Diablo replacement where given their assignment, Walter de' Silva (Audi group head of design) and Luc Donckerwolke, to preserve the heritage of the famous doors in the new design, the Murcielago. (another reason I like Audi)

    The purpose of the Gallardo was financial. To keep the company in the black, they needed to produce 1200-1500 cars per year. You can't do that just with one high end model, so they introduced something more affordable, yet worthy of the Lambo name in every detail, power, looks, etc.

    Additionally at the new factory they started a archieve department to try to recoup Kimberely's shreading incident...

    Best thing that could ever happen as far as I'm concerned...
  16. How Lambo doing financially? How are both lines doing financially/selling? Anything new in the pipelines?
  17. I wish Ferrari/Fiat bought them insead of Audi because then Lamborghini and Ferrari would have made the perfect supercar.
  18. They are doing well. In 92-93 they were only building about 125 cars per year. In fact less than 3,000 Diablo's were built during the entire 11 year production run.

    Last offical numbers I have is for 03. Since the introduction of the Gallardo the factory went to double shifts. They built 890 Gallardos and 415 Merci's for a total of 1305 cars. 35% were presold as advance orders.
  19. Uh, have you ever heard of anyone trying to mate horses with bulls!?
  20. the argument comes without AUDI would the rumored 700hp Murci ,600hp Gallardo, or even the 1000+hp Bugatti cars ever happen?????

    would BMW or even mercedes done a better job????
  21. BMW and Mercedes are not very good right now with quality issues. I just don't trust how they are handling the lines of Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Bentley (can't remember if Bentley is under one of these companies, so scratch them off if they aren't)
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  23. It's all about the torque. Just wait for the 300hp rear-drive version with a wing.
  24. Ther only time I see both together is in Spain during the Bullfights
  25. Oh man. Now thats a car ;)
  26. Lamborghini wouldn't have the advancements that Audi's aluminum facilities are capable of.
  27. I like to think that Lambo would have released a v16 beast and bugatti would be crying. :D

    Well a guy can dream right?

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