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Where Do You See Murcielago Prices By The End of the Year?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ghost, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Love the cars. Can't afford 'em right now, but hoping for depreciation to set in to a point where I can. Understand MY02 M's are currently going for about $190-ish. Curious to get your opinions on where you think these bad boy's lie by the end of 2005? $160 - $170K by year-end for low mileage models??
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  3. by the end of this year i'd guess that the price would still be in the neighborhood of 200k+. Seeing as they still make the murcielago and prices still average 220-230k, I don't see it dropping much if any. Keep in mind that a 2001 Diablo recently sold for 205k at Motorcars intl. Granted, this price is is typically a bit above average, but at the end of this year, i'd still expect to pay at least 220k.
  4. for reference and comparisons sake, motorcars intl currently has a black murcielago, 2003, 5011 miles (give/take) and they got it listed at $234k. They might take 230 and I am going to look and hopefully purchase it this Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm at a loss though, i'm willing to fork over a pretty penny for a lime-green but cannot find one that suits me, and if this black one checks out, I think i'll go ahead and get it.
  5. I think Vik's assessment is pretty good - expect to see the higher mileage 02s actually selling for 175-180ish maybe.

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to find that in 2 years, Diablo 6.0s command more money than Murcies.

  6. sounds like this dealership is charging top dollar... i was looking extensively all over thecountry for murcis and had several dealers, lambo and otherwise looking for me...i was offered 2 different murcis, 02, low mileage for under 190k..an 03 for 205k..all without issues... i would guess the murcis will take perhaps a 10-15k hit in one year...an 02 could be had for 175-180k..but who really knows????
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  8. When i was shopping for my Murcielago i called dealerships all over the country and they all told me to stay away from 02-03 cars because of problems these cars are having. The 04 cars are supposed to have alot of electrical upgrades from Audi even the key was changed to the Audi key versus the older ferrari type keys lamborghini usually came with. I don't know if this myth of unreliability is true or not but was reason enough for me to stay away from them. But this might hurt resale of 02-03 cars.
  9. I would agree, given some of the demand / supply trends I am seeing for these cars Dan. A situation similar to what is happening with the Porsche 993 TT's vs. the 996 TT's.
  10. brandon, there is a lime green murcie for sale at lambo dallas. it's a 2004 w/ 700 miles on it. it's also listed on e bay. the current bid is 230k. louie
  11. Does anybody know if there is any truth to this, and if so, the specifics on the upgrades between MY's?
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  13. Well said my friend...and a very good analogy! ;-)

    I think $200k+ is a little rediculous on a 6.0 since these cars in "wanted colors" are being bought in the $175-180 range as per what we have seen on the board & at dealers. However with that said, I do think that these machines will sustain their value a great deal better than the Murci's. They're the "last of a breed" similar to the air cooled Porsches. Yes they will depreciate, but the curve will be much flatter than the newer cars.

    ...and as for you getting a Murci Vik, I think you and I need to have a talk about that. :)
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  15. Other differences i just remembered. Pre MY04 cars had everything in Km and the 04 cars changed it to MPH. In addition pre MY04 cars had a vibration from the engine at certain rpm's which was also fixed in the MY04 cars.
  16. Jonathan

    Nice lookin set of wheels.

    Luv the color.

    Can you ditch the E-gear ?
  17. What! Are you talking about the speedometer and odometer?! If so, I'm VERY skeptical about this.

    For example, here are snaps of a 2003 on eBay right now.


    The speedometer clearly shows MPH. It also shows kilometers below it, but this is common on other European-manufactured cars that I have seen.

    Truth be told, the only know issue that I have heard with the early-edition Lambo's is that there was a problem with the lifting mechanism, which was remedied in later years (don't know specifically when).

    Rehan, hope you weren't being sold a bill of goods when you were shopping around. :eek:
  18. 2002 Murcielago's were in KM, MY2003 and up are all in Miles.....
  19. Ralph,

    Thanks for the comments.. We are quite proud to have it in.

    The E-gear in the Murcie is quite fun!!!
  20. Thanks for clearing up the issue. Since you appear to be at LoD, you would probably be well suited to discuss some of the changes that occurred b/w model years. I.e., were there sufficient "upgrades" b/w years, as noted by Rehan?

  21. You are correct Vik that was my mistake the KM / MPH change was done in 03 and not 04
  22. There were some slight upgrades to the electrical system in 2004, but for the most part the car just gets better with age.

    The more of a particular model they build, the better they get. The 2004 cars seem to be "tighter" cars and the E-gear is just phenominal.

  23. No worries Rehan - you were right on the MY02's.
  24. Thanks Jonathan. It seems, then, that there were no official fixes per se, but a number of "improvements" that were seamless integrated into the mfg process, similar almost, to the way that Ferrari does it.

    I hear ya on the e-Gear, but I'm kinda an old school guy myself. Six-speed all the way! :)
  25. Paith,

    This looks like just what the doctor had ordered for you. I know Jonathan. He will treat you right. Why don't you call him. Btw, where is your medical practice at in KC? Again, you should really come to our club gathering. We have a nice line up of Murci, Diablos and Gallardo and of course Fcars galore.

    Call me for more info or give me your phone number and I'd love to help.

  26. I agree with the others..the earlier M's will fall below the prices for the 6.0. The 6.0 is an outstanding machine. I would even venture to say that it's even more in demand then the M cars. There is just somthing about those 6.0's that Lambo got right. The M just does not have the same totaly balls out aggrevise appearance that the 6.0 Diablo has.
  27. vik...a bit off topic here but since its your thread so what the h*ll.

    glad you are back home safe and sound, my friend.
  28. Thank you Tom. Greatly appreciate your well wishes.

    More OT: Got the update from David. Sorry to hear things didn't work out. Like you and I discussed off-line, it was probably for the best. :)

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