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Where are all the early rare Lamborghini's forsale ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Where are the Miura's ?
    Where are the early Countach's ?
    Where are the early Islero S's ?
    Where are the early 350/400 GT's ?

    Hey look I know they did not make that many. But 700 Miura's were built. Where did they all go ? They made almost 500 365 GTC/4 coupes. There are always some of them available forsale. Where are all these classic Lamborghini's forsale ? I almost never see them. So few cars are out there forsale. Are all the cars in Japan ? Europe ?
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  3. There is a 400gt in lambo dallas, i saw it 2 weekends ago, sweet car :)

  4. Is that the silver car ? I have seen it. It is quite nice. Anyone know how original that car is ? When you buy a (restored) classic, you better know how original that car is. It ain't just matching #'s. You could buy a car with the wrong steering wheel and buttons on the dash. Guess how much the original steering wheel is worth ? - Can you even find it ?

    You have all these old Ferrari's out there. Where are the old Lamborghini's ? Yes I know the expensive Ferrari's warrant restoration. But again. I see the old 365GTC/4 coupes. - Those cars cannot be worth a dime over 70K. It does not matter if it is a total nut and bolt restoration. But rarely do you see the early Lamborghini's that are worth far more than 70K. The Miura's and early C/T's ??? None are around.
  5. It's funny I was wonder the same thing not too long ago. You really don't see that many older Lambos around at all. Heck when was the last time you saw an Espada going down the road or a Jarma? Heck you don't even see the 400GT anywere but maybe a car show.

    Could it be that they have come to the point that they are not worth doing anything too because of the market prices? Maybe the fact that you can buy a good running Espada for under 25k is good enough reason to let the unloved cars rot away..sort of like the 308 syndrom.

    The old Lambos were not very good machines to begin with..but they still have an important place in automotive history..heck that Espada was the worlds fastest stationwagon for years!! You could say that it was the fist family sprts car(which more and more companies are calling there sedans/wagons). It's really too bad becuase these cars reall do need to be fixed and driven and enjoyed,not only by the owner,but by every other car ethusist out there.

    One onther point..The Mirua had serious issues with rust and frame problems. These were not corrected until late in the production run. Many of these cars became dangerous to drive because of the major rust problem. The cost to full restore a Miura would be huge money. A mint Mirua SV may go for in the 120k but you would spend much more on fixing a basket case of a car.
  6. I saw a beautiful white Countach in Austin a few weeks ago... I dont know if thats old... but you still don't see too many driving around.
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  8. If you can locate a complete Miura SV for $120,000 in ANY condition, I will buy and pay you a commission.

  9. LOL, Miura SV for $120k. I'll take ten, after Alberto of course.
  10. Hey Wiz357, I'm not greedy, we'll split it. Bobileff has two SV's on his web site, one for $365,000 and the other for $425,000. There's plenty of upside for the both of us if we buy them for $125,000 each, put $100,000 into restoration and sell them. I'll take that deal all day long.

  11. Take it easy guy's I just noticed my error...Pardon me for offeneding you.
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  13. Hey, we're neighbors. I'm in LJ. I'll definitely split the profit with you. Gotta help our local economy. :)

    Tom, no problem. We're just pickin on you. Seriously, just a couple of years ago, you could've easily acquired a Muira SV for $125k. Now, it's impossible. I know of a Miura SV in SD that needs at least $200k in resto. The owner won't even sell it for less than $250k.

  14. Yes they are all correct about the SV. The Miura SV price has begun to get out of hand. It has begun to be discovered, by people who will only consider purchasing that particular Lamborghini. - That is the only car produced by the marque, that they are interested in. I guess a total basket case is worth "more" than 150/175K ? Restoration costs are warranted. The SV has unfortunately been discovered, by people who do not follow the marque.

    Tom's comments about the Espada are correct. It also holds true for the Jarama and others. Restoration costs are going to be far and away, above the worth of the vehicle after completion. Basically do the work and lose a large chunk of money. - This is not limited to the cheap Lamborghinis. You also have the 412, 365 GTC/4, major work on a Testarossa, other street Ferraris, and a large # of Maseratis, etc... These cars will unfortunately for the most part, be set up to be future basket cases. Are you going to spend upwards of 60K to fix up an Espada ? It will not be worth a dime over 30K flat. Don't forget that you have to purchase the car in addition to the 60K restoration work. - The 60K restoration work is NOT for a basket case. You can add a significant amount of $$ to the restoration cost; if the car is a mess. There ARE Espada's out there with over 100K in mechanical and cosmetic receipts. Yes there are.

    I mentioned that there were over 700 Miura's produced. Where are they ? Yes rust is a major problem. A large majority could not have been junked or destroyed. Also it is quite rare to see any Countach produced before 1980. Just my observation.
  15. I found a 400 GT for sale not too long ago. Friend of a friend. I can put you in touch if you are serious.
  16. The real bargains are the late Miura S cars. They can be had for less than 50% of the SV, and offer nearly the same experience, IMHO. I've read somewhere that Bob Wallace even proclaimed it to be he fastest of the Miuras.
  17. At some point the P400's and the S's have to start closing the gap to the SV's. The styling is about the same (there are some detail differences, the most obvious of which is the larger rear end), Although the SV's do handle better than the predecessor cars, I am not convinced that they are worth the 100% premium (or more) to the S's or 200 to 300% premium to the P400's (assuming P400's are at about $100 to $140K for good cars, P400S's are at about $120 to $160k and SV's are $200 to $400k), unless you have unlimited funds and money is no object.

    I have head of an all original SV currently for sale which has received offers of $265,000 and the car needs a full restoration (it might be too gone for a "sympathetic" restoration) to the tune of somewhere around $100 to $150k, depending on how concours you want it and if you want to rebuild the engine. Yikes!

    Wiz357: I guess we are. I go up there all the time, cruising. We seem to have a lot of folks in San Diego on the forum and in some of the other ones (VintageLambo on yahoo for example).


    Silencio por favor.

    Please do not awaken the masses to the bargains, of the blue collar Miura and Miura S. I still have "some" hope of obtaining one in the future. Please do not beat your drum too loud. .... And do not say anything about the early Countach's. DO NOT go down the early Countach road.
  19. LOL, It's a little too late for that now Ralph.
  20. hey wiz -
    didn't get to respond to your first post about a month ago -

    I've seen a few older listed by some Florida dealers, but you hear so much bad stuff about them(F/d's), that I just ignore the ads -
    This was a coupla years ago too -
    nothing recently -

  21. i would LOVE an early carb Countach!!!!! the things i can do with rivets and aluminum :)

  22. There was a cheap 1979 Countach forsale in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact Chad Bolles in S.C. He would know; if the car is still forsale. The guy's name is Johnson. I think his first name is David. Be careful. The thing needs a ton of work. It needs everything. However most everything is there. It is a huge task. Think real hard before you take the plunge. It is a very rare car. He would probably take under 25K; if he still has it.

    It is 1 of 42 of the series one lowbodies. + even better; it has the early LP 400 gauges.
  23. What is Chad's e-mail address? Thanks in advance...........
  24. Let me see; if I can dig it up ? It may take awhile. If you need information immediately, try Jim Kaminsky (Lamborghini owners club president) out of Florida. He has Chad Bolles contact information.

    Again - Be very careful. This is a "complete" restoration. It is for an expert. Bring some buckets of $$$.

    I hope someone takes care of the car. It deserves a better fate. - A really rare car.
  25. early lambo's are becoming the next investment to be in
    (if you can calls cars an investment :) )

    the talk on the street is countach's and miura's

    alot of people asking about them
  26. Ralfabco:
    Thanks - Trust me I understand the complications involved in restorations. Didn't you own a Countach? I would be interested in seeing pictures of it..........

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