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whats the best bang for the buck dialbo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. which year diablo is the best fun for the dollar? i dont need a roadster and prefer power steering....how are the manual trannys different through the years...the clutch?..the seats? i know you cant go wrong with the 6.0, but they are up close to 02 murci prices now....
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  3. To me the best Diablo for the money beside the 6.0 is the SE30. This car is the real deal ! I think it is the most unique Diablo ever made. It has a lot of Magnesium and carbon parts that the other cars dont. I love the side gills , i love the wheels , I love the front bumper with the emblem up front which is made of kevlar. It is very light compared to the other cars. Pretty much the closet thing lambo made for a street race car besides the GT. The main thing is the money that they are trading for is in the range of the other cars. A little higher but for the money the SE30 is the sweetest car ! I think Ralph has one of the nicest cars around and i think he has it for sale since he bought his Miura. The only drawback to me is the small window. I love the way it looks but for "use" i would like to have the normal windows.
  4. Thanks JEFF -

    The best bang for the buck Diablo

  5. Anyone who has read my stuff in the past knows what I think about the 94se, the ultimate Diablo performance machine. You have to look at your intended use however. The 94se is for.........performance, or collecting and keeping the miles low. For a semi-driver.......look elsewhere. 98/99 SV's are lightweight and 2 wheel drive, tons of fun, and you get a real windows. You can get 94-95 vt's real reasonably priced, great bang for the buck. And the performance difference between those cars and the SE and SV's, most won't ever realize the true difference, unless you are a serious tracker or street racer. Just some thoughts.

  6. Aj,

    How do Diablos handle on tracks with turns?
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  8. 4 wheel drive cars are unreal. The 2 wd are a bit tail happy, but once you get the hang of it, they hold their own. I have hardly ever been able to get out of control in a VT Diablo.
  9. BUt with the greater weight of the cars compared to other ones out there, does the extra power/torque of the diablo keep up in the overall scheme of things? I would think on the straights the diablo would kill them. :)

    for some reason I always connect diablo with straight line power in my head. Kind of a like a Italian Viper.

    Thus when you said track, I wanted to ask you, and get your opinion. :)

    Thanks AJ
  10. Ryan:

    A stock Diablo is NOT a track car. - Not if you are going to compare it to a stock C.S. or GT-3.

    It is (alot of fun) in back road street driving. Of course it also has plenty of power.
  11. That is what I was thinking.
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  13. With my racing experience, with no first hand Diablo experience, once the VT Diablo lets go, your out of bounds!!
  14. In the Diablo series, I like the SE30 the most. The SE30 has the best shape IMHO. Not only that, it's the lightest in the series.
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  16. i say 1994 and 1995 VT's

    power steering
    all wheel drive handling
    ride control

    nice ones go anywhere from $115k to $135k
  17. aj, how much for a 98sv? how about a 30se?..i think the 2 wheel drives are unique with all then cars 4 wd.....how about a 94se? whats a good price...thanks for your expertise...you should write a lambo book!!!!!
  18. Look : Diablo 30SE
    Weight : Diablo 30SE
    Exclusivity : Diablo 30SE
    Daily drive : SV or a 30SE

    I would voteThe 30SE in a heartbeat based on the looks alone
  19. early SV, plenty around (i think) so raw, creature comforts..perfect.
  20. I saw a 98 SV in autoweek a few weeks back for $137,000 with 17,000 miles...
  21. I think the extra bucks for a 6.0 are worth every penny. I still see some great 6.0 deals out there and I am sure you can find some non garage queens in the 150's if you have your check book out. Around DC and the horrible traffic and roads we have you may be better off with a Gallardo.
  22. The best bang for the buck D car, is the 1991/1992/1993 carz. You can find a good driver for 75K. You can find a superb car for the low 100's. That is a hell of a deal. The trick is to find a good one !!!!! DO NOT BUY A CAR WITH PROBLEMS. - You will be buried alive.

    I just heard of a story, where a guy in QB bought a "deal" without looking at the car. It needs ALOT of money to be fixed correctly. The sad thing is that the car, will still be just another entry level car in the end. It is two different issues when you find a good driver for 75K, and a driver with problems for 75K. The guy in QB will still have a "driver," after he sunk all the $$ into the car. It will not be worth a dime more. The same rules apply to other carz. TR, 456, 550 etc......
  23. I am renting you and AJ, for a week, when I am buying!!!!

    I will pay you con mamasitas!

  24. I will be cheaper than A.J.'s costs.

    Just bring one In N out Burger, and a hot muchahchah !
  25. I will bringa dozen.
    And a breasty mamasita.

    You can two meals in one! :D

    AJ's cost will be more than a major on a 6.0 LOL :D
  26. A stock Diablo can be a helluva track car. It just depends on the track. A track with long straights and swooping curves is perfect.

  27. I completely disagree.I have driven Diablos on the street and on track and in stock form they suck on track.
    For one thing they are too heavy and no brakes at all.You take an early Diablo on the track and you will lose the brakes within 2 laps if not earlier.
    The later AWD versions have better brakes but still not good enough and are even heavier.
    A Diablo in stock form will get eaten by a good running Porsche or BMW M3 on just about any track
  28. Well, I agree to disagree. Personal experience only, Not heresay or mag reports. I certainly would agree on the early 2 wheel cars. Have pulled many laps on many tracks in many Diablos that I owned. Maybe the cars I owned were just "exceptional". I also was very specific about the types of tracks that they handle very well. Long straights, swooping curves. Braking and weight tend to be less of a factor with that criteria. But your opinion is the opinion of most, no doubt. What Diablos did you own , and what type of tracks did you run on? Would you consider a late model Viper to be a good track car?

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