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What's more rare between these lambos?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by warrenn, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. '99 SV
    '99 VT
    '00 Roadster
    '01 SE

    Haven't seen too many of any of these. And there aren't any '00 SVs or VTs are there?
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  3. I think the 01SE is very rare! I dont think ive seen one for sale.
    BTW the new dupont is out online.
  4. I think this order from most to least rare

  5. its impossible to find a roadster but even harder to find an SE
  6. They only produced 42 SE's. Only 14 came to the U.S. Pretty rare. The 99SV had about 100, with 25 coming to the US. The 99VT production was about 100 also. The 99VT roadster was about 95, and the Mill. Roadsters about 40.
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  8. There arent any 2000 model cars brought into the US, or anywhere for that matter. The Mil. Roadsters are considered 99's. Both MY 99 and 2001 were long runs. Even though cars were sold in 2000, they were 99's first, then 01's.
  9. SE for sure!!!
  10. so this one isn't a realy 2000 Roadster?

  11. Well, it says so. But it also says 6 speed. Not sure what that means. Never saw a 2000. There is a guy here who owns a Mil. roadster, I'll find his post. His is a 99, like all the others. Maybe the guy is using the Mil. literally when he said 2000.http://ferrarichat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18189
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  13. Anyone have pics of an 01 SE?? I don't think I've seen one of those before.
  14. I have a Millennium Roadster, they were the last roadsters built. mine is 6/10, built 11/99, sold new in mid 2000. . The dealer told me they were considered as 2000 model year, but all paperwork lists them as 99.
  15. Click on 6.0 SE's public profile, there's a shot of his in there!
  16. I spoke to that guy in the dupont ad. Its his dads cars and he said its a private collection.

    Se comes in the gold and some in the dark purple. VERY SWEET!
  17. My car is plastered all over these threads. Just look for the negative comments on black wheels and my 6.0 sticker, and the car is around.lol
  18. LoL...I knew you had a 6.0...I just didn't know it was an SE. Now, looking @ your screen name, I have no idea how the hell I over looked it!!! **Banging Head On The Wall**

    BTW....If you pained your wing & mirrors black, it would look UBER sweet!!
  19. Here's a black 3m on the mirrors. Serves 2 purposes.

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