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Whatever happened to this Countach ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Miura Jota, Apr 1, 2005.

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  2. i was going to start a thread :

    1) to ask if there are any good books to get on the C/t or a Lambo buyers guide with an overview of some sort

    2) i would love to find a car like this and fix it. and for all the crybabies out there writhing in thier computer chairs, i work on $40,000,000 airplanes all day and make stuff from scratch. aluminum panels, aerodynamic fairings, military modifications, whole skins, doors, corrosion repairs, accident damage and repairs ( FAA form 337 stuff) . there is no way i am not able to repair one of these things. and i could care less what its costs.

    this is a good read :
    "Lamborghini Countach, The Complete Story " by Peter Dron isbn 85223 914x published by Crowood Classics.
  3. I'm almost positive I know of the former owner that had this car. Darrell Creswell aka "Miles Revell, self proclaimed rock star & music producer." He was a rich kid , son a preacher from Graham, TX that inherited oil money back in the mid 80's. He often drove the CT all over west Ft Worth showing it off at every bar, nightclub, shopping mall, etc. He was well known for throwing wild parties at his hotel room when he was in town. I remember even back in high school the car was already in poor condition, from what I understand he wrecked the car the day he bought it. Darrell also owned a RHD black 308 GTS that was in worse condition than the CT & a 1986 vette convertible that was stolen from a hotel parking lot.
  4. That's terrible. How can someone neglect their cars so much?

  5. you think thats sad, you would cry to see how some people trash $40,000,000 airplanes as if its nothing. :( at least i am paid by the hour! :)
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  7. Hey Michael,

    Just curious, do you work for Gulfstream?

  8. yes and we are now "owned" by General Dynamics........

  9. ...soon to be "ReaperDynamics Inc.---Countach Restorers"
  10. LMAO

    yes, if i continue to have a job :) anyone ever had the urge to just liquidate all your assets and move ? worry about the "job" later?

    i must be geting old..........
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  12. Seriously speaking, yes. Been toying around with the idea on once I retire from my current job, to devote full time efforts to exotic restorations. I mean why not? We both have the skills and the know who as well as the countless others in here (Verrell, Yelcab, SNJ5, etc.). I am only 3 units shy of obtaining an AS degree in automotive tech. This was mostly before the days of F.I., so I need to go back and bone up on these systems. I mean one has to know a little bit about the FI systems in order to retrofit them with webers!
  13. These are people that view cars as appliances, like a toaster or blender, in the case of the C/T, maybe the same as a "sex toy".

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