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What size are these rims?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JimSchad, Jul 27, 2004.

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  2. Hmm...looks like 18" front 19" rear. no clue at all on the tire size, I'm not GOD you know. Please excuse me while i go change my shorts.
  3. I would venture to guess that the sizes on this vehicle are:
    HRE 547R 18x8.5 front with a 235/35/18 tires
    HRE 547R 18x13 rear with 335/30/18 tires
  4. Yes they are 18 all the way around.
  5. Does anyone know what the rear width sizes are on a stock Murcielago? Is it the same as that Diablo ... 13inches?
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  7. yes I think they are 13's
  8. YES
  9. Thanks!!
  10. I don't think they're 18s at the rear. The HREs ordered for the Murcielago I was running didn't have the flat lip deep-dish style because they were only 18".
    That full flat lip (which looks soooo cool) on the rears I thought was only available on 19" HREs.

    You guys that have different size to stock on your Murcielagos/Diablos - have you disconnected the four wheel drive or made adjustment because of changes to overall rolling radius?
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