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What should Tom pay 4 the "dead rapper" Murcie

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. you guys got me pretty curious.

    OK.....let's say even after knowing the full story, i am still interested in the "dead rapper" murcie.

    1-what is a "reasonable offer" i should make on a car with this sort of twisted history?
    2-what will it be worth in about 2 to 3 months when i get bored and want to trade it out?

    seriously, guys. "help me "PRICED-DISCOVER".

    ps: i already know ben will pay less than 75k for it... :)
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  3. This is like a bad joke.
  4. mr. whart,
    my interested in a yellow murcie is dead serious.

  5. Well, i think you are in a strong negotiating position:

    *first, did they disclose this fact in their offer?

    *will they disclose it to other interested parties?

    *what steps were taken to ensure that the corpse did not leave
    residue of some sort in the vehicle?

    *Have they obtained appropriate certifications from the necessary authorities to ensure that the above was taken care of, in accordance with applicable law?

    Those are sort of preliminary due diligence questions to set the stage for a negotiation.
  6. I can also see this leading to additional regulation of disclosures, ie all future exotics must contain a disclaimer with their offer for sale, to the effect that :

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  8. seriously....was he actually shot and killed in this car or did they put him in it during the funeral wake?

    ps: i truly don't know since i was out of the country at that time (no pricing has been negotiated since discussion was very preliminary late sat. afternoon.
  9. I Don't think he died in the car, but i'm not sure.
  10. which rapper is this?
  11. What did Prestige say when you told them the history on the car? Crooked guys over there who might try and deny that it is the car with the death history.
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  13. Tom,

    If I wanted this car...... I would pay no more than $150k for it -- if I wanted it, which I don't. At that price it is discounting its extremely ****ed up history, which is the biggest factor.

    What would someone else pay for it? That's what you should consider since you flip cars so often. What will someone pay for it in a year? Are you going to be the high bidder so to say?

  14. Also, this car has been for sale for 4-6 months. People are NOT buying it for a reason. What price will make your resale later help the car move in under 30 days?

  15. I'd be more worried about any damage done to the VT system by those big ass wheels than the dead guy. I seriously doubt they got the wheel sizing right having 19" fronts and 20" rears. The only yellow on the interior of the car is on the seats and that can be changed relativly easy. Most of the miles that are on it are from the various low food chain dealers and brokers who've had this car so I would question the clutch and wonder just how hard it's been beat on.

    I tried scoopig this car about 3 owners ago but they did not want to deal and tried to hide the casket factor even after I sent them the newspaper photo.

    75-80k is max I would pay for it.
  16. that explains the confusion because i was working w/ steve at prestige miami....
  17. If you were to keep the car for a lifetime, for a private collection, I'd say 200k, for the creepy story and McDonalds interior.

    Considering you will keep it at best what? 3? 4months? I'd just steer clear of it. The interior will make a bunch of people turn away from that car, and the creepy story will make even more people turn away. Basically, you may spend ages trying to sell it ... at a greater loss for you.
  18. If the tires are the same size as the factory ones it's no problem. If they are not, and are more than 6% different in size, then there will be damage to the viscous coupling, which is about a $15,000 repair.

    Do note that even my Orange 6.0 is about 11% out of size, and it does not have viscous coupling damage. I intend to keep it the way it is, except make the car 2WD which is nothing more than disconnecting the driveshaft. Simple to do. By doing this, you can run any size tires and rims you like. Chances are, the car may already be 2WD, the only way to know is to look at its from under a lift.

    You'll know if you have viscous coupling damage because you wont feel any power when driving, or if you keep hearing rap ghost music in the background from some dead dude. ;)

  19. that's it.....
    you guys make me want to trade this car out....even before i buy it!!!
  20. Now is the dealer disclosing this information? I doubt it.
  21. Tom

    dead Rapper or not the McDonald's color scheme is a wee bit over the top no?
  22. This has got to be the December thread of the month.
  23. I just happened to run by this thread...I saw that car in person. Prestige tried to run it at Manheim auction 2 weeks ago and it actually brought $200k and they no-saled it - they wanted $205k. I'm not sure if any of the dealers knew about the dead wrapper thing...I sure didn't. Crazy color scheme - I bet the driver didn't know a dead wrapper had sat in it =) But anyways, if they can get $200k at Manheim they probably won't cut it loose for anything less - this is the worst time of year to wholesale any exotic and that same car should bring more in the spring if they took it back up to auction.
    Just thought that info might help...
  24. ben,

    with all due respect to the dead and his family but can i see a picture of that "rapper" dead body sitting in that seat again?

    is everyone sure he was shot and killed in the barbershop and not while sitting in this car, yes? if that's the case, i am gonna throw a bid out tomorrow and see what sort of response i can get.

    btw, i m leaving for asia in jan for two months for biz. can i get a backer on this car say two months from now when i get rid of it?....anybody? anyone?.....
  25. As writerguy said... Id be more concerned abt the azz ugly interior, moreso than its morbid history.

    re-skin the seats then you dont even have to worry what fluids drained out of the corpse. Heres your pic nonetheless...
  26. I wonder what kind of "mode" in was put in with the car. Was he at a stop light, driving, shifting gears, etc....

    BTW...the rims & the McD interior is too trashy for my taste let alone the grusome plot of a history the car has. IMO, I'd rather take a new Porsche 911 Turbo over this & not worry about anything scary when I sleep at night.
  27. The whole thing of him being on display in that car makes me laugh or get sick. Here I go judging the hip-hop crowd.

    The I realized this. I have a 1958 Isetta in tasteful Kawasaki green...and have told people...half-serious...I want to be buried in it. ****.

    So I am no different than the hip-hop dude. Plus...if someone took me seriously...they may do it

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