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What is your best Lambo story?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by TOOLFAN, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. I figured that we should have place to share our best Lambo stories so please share your stories
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  3. I remember one year, when I needed to talk to my father's ghost, I had to plow under the cornfield FAAAAST and the 'ol Deere just wouldn't do.


  4. I remember this one time, I ran into a 550 while in my Murci. I enjoyed seeing the look on his girlfriends face as I blew his doors off. Priceless. I can only imagine the conversation in his car after that..."but, honey, you told me the only thing faster than a 550 was a jet fighter? what other BS have you told me?"

  5. Later that night..she found out the real reason you bought the Lambo..needless to say she's back in the 550.;)
  6. WOW!!!

    If you were actually awake and (in fact) racing with a 550 while looking out of your car, across the road, into the other car, past the driver and at the face of his girlfriend.....you were:

    Being even more reckless (than the day you purchased it) by not keeping your eyes on the road...or has that been perfected while watching yourself drive your LAMBO in the rearview mirror?

    in fact NOT blowing off the doors of the 550, since you remember it in such vivid detail,

    Miraculously able to see over your shoulder and through the one of the worst blind spots of any car.

    Do tell.

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  8. Nah, I wasn't interested. As with many F-Car owners, she was haggered and had many miles of hard usage. ;)
  9. Just teasing guys. And to my friends that drive F-Cars, you know I am joking. I just find that it's a shame that a poster asks for some legitimate responses, and somebody has to immediately jump in with an asinine anti-Lambo response. Sad.
  10. I remember this one time, I stole a lambo and I was going so fast that it took off and I went to space and met space men then I came back
  11. No but seriously the first time I rode in a lambo (96 diablo) we got up to 135mph on a public highway that was amazing
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  13. haahahahha! thats priceless - worst blind spot - you arent kidding!

  14. Well all those gold chains do cause difficulty in checking the blind spot LOL ;)
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  16. No street racing here- just the 2nd night of ownership.

    The first night I gave my 89 Anniversary an Italian tune up on the northbound 110 was the first time I had ever been able to even redline the thing in anything other then 1st gear. It was only the second day I had the car. The freeway was deserted at 1:00 AM on a Monday morning soooooooo... I hopped in and let my evil twin break the speed limits. The thing had enough torque to drift around those two curves down by Gaffey St in San Pedro where the 110 starts and enough downforce to stay nicely planted at the Lomita Blvd overcrossing where there's a VERY DISCONCERTING change in the road surface. Once the fwy straightened out, punching the thing up to redline in 2nd, then 3rd, and then almost all the way there in 4th was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I never even shifted up to 5th...the road was deserted but not THAT deserted. The noise and acceleration was just sick. I repeated the process a few times north and southbound. The thing cornered like it was on rails while taking the 110 to 405 transition at nearly 80. I don't know how fast I was going on the straight parts because I was keeping both eyes on the road AND I don't know how accurate the speedo really is. When I got back home, I couldn't sleep that night. I hadn't been that wired since my first ever game of paintball back in the late 80s or my first ever 6000 meter peak back in 95.

    Then there was just last Friday, when my GF got us headed in the wrong direction through Boyle Heights when we were supposed to be looking for a restaurant in Little Tokyo......I'd never seen so many people hollering and getting their cameras. It was insane. It is not a car I take when I know we'll be stuck in city traffic. I ususally just take it out by myself after dark so I had never realized just how much attention the car draws....that is NOT a good thing IMO.
  17. I don't really have a "best" story yet because I've only owned a Lambo for a short while, but here's an interesting story...

    Since 2001 I've owned 3 Ferraris and got a total of 1 ticket in them, which was in the 355Sp. The only reason I got the ticket was because it was the weekend of the Woodward Dream Cruise and there were tons of cars out gathering. I saw a Shelby Cobra up ahead and had to get a closer look. As I sped up and changed lanes a couple of times, an unmarked cop nailed me.

    I took delivery of my first Lambo less than 2 weeks ago and got a ticket within the first hour of owning it. He wrote me up for 5 over even though he said he clocked me doing 15 over. While I was waiting for him to write the ticket up, I was getting the impression that I would no longer have a license within a year bcz of this car.

    The funny thing is there are 2 reasons I know for a fact the cop was lying about clocking me...
    1st - My brother was behind me the whole time and said the cop only noticed me bcz he heard the engine roar, but by then he was already past me (driving on the other side of the road going in the opposite direction). He had to whip his head around to see what that noise was and saw that it was an exotic car driving agressive.
    2nd - I was going a hell of a lot faster than 15 over. :)
  18. A few years back while working for another employer,I was getting a real nice Miura SV ready to go to Scottsdale for auction.The car had been sitting for quite a while so i drained the stale gas and was driving and adjusting to make it start and run.So after performing a tweek or two i jumped in and cruised it around the neighborhood.As i made a right hand turn the engine stopped cold and wouldnt restart.I coasted to the shoulder,jumped out and lifted the rear of the car to see what was up.Well,since the car had stalled while driving ,the key was still in the "on" position,and the electric fuel pump was still humming away.To my horror i saw what appeared to be a fountain of gasoline pouring out of one of the carbs and drenching the VERY HOT exhaust manifolds,SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!OH SH-T!The float had sunk and gas was really flowing!There I was with visions of me trying to beat the inferno out with nothing but my T-shirt!Ofcourse I had no fire extinguisher with me.only by the grace of god did I not burn that fine car to the ground,all that was needed was 1 itty bitty spark and PHOOOOOM! Miura al carbon.I NEVER drive any customer car without taking along a fire extinguisher.I learned my lesson the hard way(coulda been much worse!)

  19. Way to go Mark.

    By you posting a pic of Darth's car, his computer will crash.

  20. When I went from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco in 90 minutes in the Countach at 1 am :) Had to stop 5 times for gas
  21. I was with the Countach in a gas station, around 11pm during the week. Some guy asked; if I could wait while he went home to pick up his camera.
  22. Give me a few days and I'll tell you some stories about my run with Dan in his Murci soft top! I have to fly from San Diego to meet him in Vegas and drive to Palm Springs for a few days to test the car..This could be very cool since I just delivered a 365GTC after 1200 miles.. From 1969 to a 2005 super car..Interesting test..
  23. Of course, it was ahead of that inconspicuous Diablo! :)

  24. Until the hose blew.
  25. DL,

    Is your 550 in mat black? If so, any chance of a few more snaps - that must be one hell of a smart looking car.
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  27. Months later...the only thing that blew that day was you!

  28. 217 no ticket, amazing, how did you do that?......bribe or was he just a good sport..... how much nitrous is that it looks like 2 10lbs bottles

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