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What is this car worth

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by rick silva, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. 1994 VT Diablo red with black interior and 21,000 miles.
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  3. 90 to 100 wholesale...depending on condition,history,services etc etc. Makwe sure you love it...cause selling it will take some time



    EDIT = wrong key stroke
  4. You can sell the car retail for about $115-$125k assuming it's in good shape, the miles will be the toughest part about selling it.

  5. Lotsa miles, in comparison to some out there. I passed on a 94VT one owner with 4k miles last fall at 117k. My buddy bought a 94VT with 7500 miles for 112k last December. I found a 94VT for a guy 2 weeks ago, with 10k miles, and he may pull the trigger at 105k.. Just some known history that I thought I would pass along. With the miles on that car at 21k, I would more likely put it below 100k, maybe 94-95.
  6. Gotta be worth more as it's the right color!!
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  8. i feel if all the records are intact and it's had at least one clutch (and currently not slipping) car is probably worth $112k

    really depends on condition

    if it looks like a 10 maybe $115k +

    hard to say
  9. Not only did you guess the price you even found the car. When I grow up I wanna be just like you!
  10. LOL. I check ebay every day to see what new items show up....and there it was. Looks like a great car for that price!!
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  12. you are da man......
    i am actually best bidder on that car.....always wanted a red lambo.
    you are not interested in it, are you..AJ? if you are, i will back out. there is no reason for me to run the price up on you.
  13. I don't think AJ is, but I'd be pretty sure that's why Rick is here...
  14. This is a very profound and wise statement!!

  15. rick, if you want this car...let me know.

    pracing12, for the record....i've tracked this auction since april 9th (last sat.). i'ts hard to tell from rick's thread which is posted "yeterday" if this is truly the car he is interested in.....but not a big deal....i love them all whether they belong to me or to someone else....

    take care,
  16. It's a car I'm considering because of it's price. If your interested in the car by all means bid on it. I talked to the dealership that has the car yesterday and he told me that I could have the car towed to my mechanic for a PPI. Before I do that I am going to try to get out there this weekend to see it in person.

  17. rick, i won't pursue it anymore. i talked to neil, the owner earlier this week. nice man and appeared trust worthy.

    i made him a cash offer of $90k and he passed....it seems like a great car even for the "buy it now" price. good luck to you.....

  18. Thomas,

    Thank you for your consideration.
  19. Good deal guys!!! That will make someone a terrific low priced VT. Price in the future will never get lower than that. Its a drive it for a few years, and sell it for more than I paid deal.
  20. rick, auction ended at 94.4k. it's a steal of a deal....
    i hope you were da one....is congratulation in order?
  21. I had looked at the car yesterday and even though it was in overall good shape it had spotty service records and not enough documentation. The kid who had owned the car recieved it through an inheritance and it is my belief that he drove it pretty hard. I think I'm better off paying more money for the right car. Basically what I'm saying is a car with a documented history that can be tracked back to the original owner.
  22. Good job Rick!!! You demostrated great restraint and discipline. With these types of purchases I have been known to let my desire run ahead of the logic. I too am in the market for a car.

  23. Thanks Dave!

  24. great DD, rick.
    good luck.

  25. Tom,

    I'm new here what is DD?
  26. due dilligence....

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