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What does the 'SV' stand for in the Diablo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Nuvolari, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. I figure this is an easy question but I can't find the answer. I'm assuming that it does not refer to the mid 80's Italian designer Sergio Vallente so someone please chime in here.
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  3. Hi

    SV stands for "Sport Velture" or something - I could not find the article on my computer right now....but I know its something like that, in other words - the name "SV" first appeared in Miura P400SV in the early 70s. It stands for "Super Fast" in English.
    It also means 4WD
  4. Sport Veloce, maybe...?

    Ferruccio/Dan Gordon will probably know...
  5. ...a correction...

    SE - Special Edition
    VT - Viscous Traction (4WD)
    SV - Sport Veloce
  6. Cool... Where'd you find it, on the 'net...?
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  8. Check out www.lambocars.com - there you'll find everything you need to know about Lamorghinis.

  9. Cool site, thanks...!
  10. Sport Veloce. Lambocars is a great site, so is Lamborghiniregistry.com

    Lambocars uses my car in the Sv description.

  11. Hey allanlambo.

    Just wanna say that you have a grrrreat Diablo - love it.
    We dont have any SV's in Norway, only 4 or 5 regular Diablos - they will coste toooooo much.
    (can you imagine? Norway is the 2'nd or 3'rd richest contry in the world)

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  13. I think it's ugly as sin - I love lambos, but not sure why they would put this on the cars. :(
  14. Thanks wreckedferrari!

    As for you, slag328, ill take it as compliment coming from a guy who likes a baby blue 328 with white interior. Now thats nice! lol
  15. Super Vaginamagnet :)
  16. Slow Vehicle.
    Smelly Vagina.
  17. lmao..... but i still like ALLANs car.
  18. So Vain
  19. Wax,
    As usual, you're response Speaks Volumes.

  20. Isn't it Spinto Veloce (in italian)?
  21. Daytonaman is correct.

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