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What does the body work tell you about the lambo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Jun 10, 2004.

  1. When I see these scoops, does that tell what year and model I'm looking at?

    Do many people fit them on other cars? I know A.J. mentioned it. How much do they improve preformance?

    For looks sake, I think I like the open-back in photo #3 best. The scoops look really cool, but the open-back seems to give the car more shape instead of looking like one solid wedge.
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  3. What is the idea behind the "shark gills" on the side air-intake?
    Again... does this bodywork tell us the exact year or model?
    Do you guys like this look better or just the plain open air-intake?
  4. Has anyone ever painted the black part behind the driver side-view-mirror to body color? (any photos?)

    Can someone photoShop this photo? Always wondered how it would change the shape of the door and window??? Also wonder if just the bottom half of it was painted body color and the top half stayed black?
  5. Hey Mark.Those scoops would represent the 98/99 S.V. models only.Many euro owners fit the S.V. scoops on their cars.It is expensive to do here,because either its the factory scoops(7000)or the piece of garbage kit car stuff.I am going to fit the factory scoops on my 6.0.They can either be for look only,or functional.To be functional,ducting has to be installed in the engine bay,where it will mate to the bottom of the air inlets.I have been told about 25-30H.P. when functional.
  6. Mark.The shark gills were used on the following cars:

    94se (pictured in your photo)
    98SV,Monterrey edition onlyThere were 20 of these total.They were actually converted in the U.S. to celebrate the Running of the bulls in 98.

    99VT,could be special ordered with them,very few made.

    The purpose is primarily for look.I like the look.It can be added.
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  8. Mark,

    The bodywork on each car is different. US maintains the same, but overseas i have seen three different front bumpers on all the different cars.

    Roadster Bumper
    Pre 99 VT coupe bumper or 2wd Diablo bumper.
    SV with intakes.

    Overseas 2wd Diablos were made from 1990 up until the 2001.

    Even Roadsters were made 2wd and were coined SV roadsters, because all SV are 2wd.

    The Lamborghini factory pieces many cars together and the best example is that of the 1985 Lamborghini Countach.

    In 1985 it was possible to get over 3 different front bumpers and 2 different rear bumpers JUST USA spec. This does not include the Euro style bumpers.

    If you have any questions further i used to be authorized dealer i would be glad to help you.

  9. For the questions you asked,you will be safe to assume that what I posted is correct for US cars.The euro cars are a different animal.
  10. Thanks for liking and posting a picture of my car. I was quite taken by it the first time I saw it.
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    I did a little Photoshoppin' for ya. Let me know what you think. Here you go:
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  13. Gee...thanks for all the help :) You guys are great!

    Zach- just what I always wanted... that little zig zag in the corner of the window always drove me nuts, wondering what it would look like if they painted that trim.

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