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What do you think of this Murci??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 28, 2004.


Well, what do you think??

  1. I LOVE IT

  2. I HATE IT

  3. Cant vote because of the SHOCK!!

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  1. Wow. The only one made in this color. What do you think?
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  3. the wheels are moronic, but aside from that it's GORGEOUS!

    just like that string of diablos they did in purple. very very pretty.

    where did you see this car?

    and since the car is still in production, i'm sure you can have another one made, so the "only one" argument isn't something i'd bet money on!

  4. I like it too, but agree wheels are VERY BLING :) I imagine it would be a prob come selling time.
  5. if i had the money i would buy that car right now that is amazing looking
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  7. The wheels are a little too much. :D
  8. are the instrument dials purple too?
  9. I think it looks great like the special colour they did for the diable se30's, the interior is a bit girly though, do you think a darker interior would look better? other than that this car looks amazing!! Love the wheels aswell.
  10. With a hot blonde at the wheel, it's perfect. If a guy's driving, then there has to be a rainbow bumper sticker.

    Can't vote. Perfect for a chick, ridiculous for a guy. :)
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  12. Ok, forget the wheels. They are over the edge for me. But the color is unreal. Looks like a pearl purple. And the interior does match the color perfectly.
  13. Maybe a blk interior with purple stitching would tone it down a bit.
  14. Well, my point was that it the only one at this point. I pulled it off another site, dont know where the car is from.
  15. The exotic color, on this is exotic car, looks too much like a sling-shot bikini on an exotic dancer..... niether looks good in public.........
    Like I said too much.....
  16. 8 to 6. Im surprised the Love its are higher. I voted Love it. Would change the wheels back though.
  17. looks cool, i think it suited the diablo's more though i would change the wheels and interior also
  18. I wonder if its Missy Elliots car or past car? She has had a few purple Diablo's before. The exterior is pretty nice.
  19. These are total PS!

    Come on guys, look sharp!

    BTW, if you thought this car was real, I have an Enzo to sell you ;)...
  20. strip club purple... gotta love it!!!!! but i still prefer orange...know anyone one who has one .. would love to see another picture of an orange murci!!!!
  21. It looks ...."gay".....kinda cool color but still ..."gay"
    The SE30 looks AWSOME in purple, maybe this was a bit too much.
    I belive you'll go tierd of the interior pretty quick.
  22. I don't think it's a photo shop job, besides how do you explain the interior. What other exterior color would go with that?
  23. Uh, Ray... the interior is photoshopped too.
  24. Interesting PS....I wouldn't buy the car, but its interesting to look at since its different. I like the Diablo SE30 better in that colour.
  25. Ryan:

    I know your good at photo shop, and I do allot of graphics too. Photo Paint, not PS. Still not sure. Maybe I'm underestimating the artist ability. It looks original to me.
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  27. PS or not, the wheels and interior spoil it.

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