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what do you gus make of this?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. http://www.motorcars-intl.com/detail_sgf.asp?offset=18&id1=483

    $174,500 Blue 6.0 7000 miles


    Same exact car, except $163,500 13237 miles


    Same exact car before they removed the wing, 13237 miles asking $163,000. But on the LoD site they have it listed as sold. So did a person buy it and bring it back? I was very interested in the car but had issues with the wing at their price. Is it a possibility that they rolled the miles back to 7000 to move it? Why list the car as sold when they just moved it to the other dealership?
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  3. Thats a puuuurty color...
  4. Two different cars, not odometer rollback. You can expect Motorcars would never even consider that, they are one of the most up front and honest dealers in the USA.

    The differences in the price is just a mileage valuation.

  5. FYI guys, this is most definitely a different car. The car listed on our website was sold to a client in California. Some of you may have seen it at Monterrey.

    The car listed on Motorcars' site has a completely different interior, no wing, less miles, and is on consignment with them.

    Just wanted to clear this up with you guys. If you have any questions please contact me.

    Jonathan Peck
  6. Is it my imagination, or are those prices on Motorcars Int'l just plain wacko? A 1989 328 for 60K? Even with low miles, it seems like somebody should lay off the weed.


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  8. I've learned just about all internet pricing is way off..They just don't keep it updated. That Dallas car has been there a long time...Mileage is hurting it.
  9. What a relief!! So the car with the horrible wing went to CA? What would it cost to put a CF SE 6.0 wing on the 7000 mile car? How many owners has the car had?
  10. I guess Dupont has the wrong info, the pic is of car one and the mileage/price is from the car sold to CA.....
  11. Its most definitely a different car
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  13. if you did that the diablo would be perfect
  14. Yes it would:)
  15. 7-8k for the real deal.
  16. The Dallas car sold a couple of months ago for 158k.
  17. Is that installed or for the wing only?

  18. Hey guys,

    My first official post here.

    Anyway, the Dallas car is in Symbolic right now. I don't know if it was sold or it was traded. I don't think it was the mileage that kept the car from selling. I saw the car last week and it was in rough condition. It looks like the whole front has been repainted. The interior looks neglected. And, the wing is a cheap aftermarket that is slightly sagging in the middle. I'd say, I'd have to think very hard to pay $150k for that car.
  19. I am certainly not an expert when it comes to photography (I am lucky if they are in focus most of the time). I agree that the exterior color shows better in sunlight but look at the background (several garage doors, fence) and all of the shadows on the exterior and interior. Trying to learn to take photos of these cars has given me a whole new respect for the guys that do it well. I like to see a common element in all of the dealer's pictures. When you see pictures taken in several different places (especially in front of someone's house), you have to wonder if the dealer really has the inventory or not. I have seen many dealers where that is the case but certainly none of the dealers mentioned here.

    When I was much younger my hobby was car audio competitions and I was lucky enough to get my car included in a feature story for Car Stereo Review. The only catch was that I had to take my car to the photographer's studio for the shots. It took eight hours for him to get four or five excpetional shots of the car. He told me that national advertising pictures will take days. It really is an art.

  20. Man oh man. I WISH that car had black interior!!! It would be perfect then. I just LOVE that color. Even more than orange and black.
  21. A-men, or like Ben's (but blue where his is yellow).

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