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What do you call a Lamborghini enthusiast?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mchferrari, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Ferrari enthusiasts are known as tifosi and Ferraristi. Porsche enthusiasts are Porschephiles. So what is a Lamborghini enthusiast called?
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  3. Luke, welcome to the "DARK SIDE"
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  5. Wannabe!

    (Just kidding...)
  6. Thats it in a nutshell!!
  7. Lambo owners view those that love the cars with a passion, be it an owner or enthusiast, as joining the "Dark Side", as Mark has stated. It is a much smaller and close knit group than most other marques. We are currently on a membership drive for those who want to join the "Dark Side". lol
  8. Well said as always... What are owners of both L and F cars? Confused?? Missguided?? or One's that have seen the LIGHT!!
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  10. Good question. I need to ponder that one.
  11. "Cross Driver"
  12. LOL. Thats good!!
  13. How about PRIVILEGED!
  14. Only by the Grace of God. I know where my toys came from!!
  15. Amen to that!!!!
  16. AJ ,I've been skiing almost everyday on our new water ski lake and have not kept up with items of interest here. Anything new??
  17. I wondered where you have been!. Been slow here, I think everyone is enjoying the summer. But me. I keep doing stuff to my 6.0. I have contemplated a G car, then backed off ,trying to find a 94se or 99sv, but no luck. Im impatient. Lots of talk about the Ford GT. Thats it in a nutshell Buddy!!
  18. Some of your posts have blown me away. You need to do R & D for Lamborghini!!

  19. Exactly that, there called Lamborghini enthusiasts!
  20. Toreros = spanish for: Bull Fighters
  21. Lamborghinisti.
  22. OMG, dude, you bought a LAKE...?!? HOLY ****...!!!

  23. Bullfighters? No, more like bull riders!

    Actually, I think that "Lamborghinisti", as long as it is, is correct.
  24. Anyone ever calls me that, I might smack them.lol

  25. Lamborghinisti!

    (As he turns and runs...)

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