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Went to Lambo Dallas at lunch

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Cicero, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. No pics sorry! But had some cool cars.
    Rossa Vic 6.0 with wing
    Silver SV with black wheels
    Sky Blue Murci with chrome wheels..really looked good in that color.
    White Murci
    Gray Murci
    about 7 or 8 Gallardos..yellow, black, silver, blue
    White Anniversary Countach
    AJ's Yellow Countach. Very nice
    Yellow 355B
    Red 360 with modular wheels
    Red 348

    Talked with Jonathan for about 30 mins and met their IT guy Ken.
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  3. Now thats an Italian car showroom!!
  4. That red 6.0 is the one I originally wanted. It's the one that had a silly fender bender which was repaired (very minor), and the starter cable caught fire once (also repaired). When I went to put my deposit on it, another sales agent sold it 10 minutes before. Woops! Then the guy got it and for whatever reason he returned it.

    I'd buy that car today at $155-$160k given its history and tough resale due to it.

  5. Ben,

    What was the original tag?
    What are they asking today?

  6. My first step in the 6.0 was finding one I wanted. There was a decent selection at the time, and the red color was amazing. Just when we started discussing price is when we found it to be sold. When I start talking price, if it fits my range, it's sold. If I want it, it's mine. :)

    If I recall they started at $175k which I knew was too high. Remember though, Motorcars Int'l sells an excellent car every time. There's never any post-delivery fuss. A problem free car is worth a small premium in my opinion.

    Since we didn't get to go the price route, I'm not sure what they would have settled on. I know what the car is worth, and that's $155-$160k. Technically there should be a premium given its limited edition status, but in reality that never seems to apply.

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  8. that's pretty funny. thanks, ben.
    i love red color..... :)
  9. That car keeps selling and getting brought back by the buyer. Twice that Im aware of. More to it than you see. I was told by an employee there to stay away from the car. If you remember Ben, I was adamant when you were looking at that car. More than just the fire and body work.
  10. Man, this is a true testament of altruism in this community....
    Thanks, A.J for the intel.
  11. I saw that red 6.0 at their dealer in Springfield back in March. I'm still not sure which I'd want more, the 6.0 of the Gallardo parked next to it!
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  13. LOL. Thats not even the same car at Lambo Dallas. I just talked with Gary Seale, and he said that Rosso Vic 6.0 was a customers car in for service. Same with the silver SV.
  14. Aaah yes, my error. The red one I am referring to is at Motorcars in Springfield, MO. I keep thinking Lambo Dallas is Motorcars since my Yellow 6.0 came from Lambo Dallas who is owned by Motorcars. :)

  15. they had 2 rossa vic 6.0's..one with wing and one without. the one without was sold at Motorcars. Dont' know any dirt on this one at LoD.
  16. Okay, now I'm curious. I talked to Steve at Motorcars a few months ago regarding this 6.0 and he was very candid about the fire and fender bender. He didn't mention anything else. Can you elaborate, A.J., or are you sworn to secrecy by the Order of the Bull? ;)
  17. lol. Thats all I care to say. They are good people, but the car is a problem. I guess just taking it at face value, the car has had some body work and been on fire. I dont know why anyone would want to continue looking at the car, unless it was a giveaway, and it isnt. They had to take the car back at a big #, so they are not going to make any money on this car either way. If I didnt know anything more about it, I would RUN, not walk the other way. Too many nice cars than to take a flyer on a "maybe".
  18. Hi All
    With regard to the Rosso 6.0 that was here in Springfield, I'll throw in my couple of cents. The single largest reason the car took some time to sell is simply that we honestly did disclose the cars past. The first owner received damage to the LR quarter (happend in a parking lot with the car sitting still). The crack was repaired and the panel refinished. The second owner had the starter problem. It engaged and wouldn't shut off resulting in the wiring insulation catching fire. (Very small) The engine came out, any parts that were anywhere near the starter area were replaced with no expense spared. It was during this repair that we discovered the lack of a secondary starter ground strap on the car. The lack of proper grounding caused the starter issue.
    I saw the car before, during and after the repairs....I drove the car a few occasions and it was mechanically perfect. It is now with a happy new owner in the Boston area. He drove it 800 miles the first weekend he had it with no problems.
    Great bunch of guys on these boards! I really enjoy reading all of your thoughts and adventures.

  19. When I was looking at the car, Motorcars was very up front and volunteered the information that Steve said. It was not even an issue for them to tell me, had they not said anything I would have never known. It's rare for you to find a dealer that honest.

    One of the reasons that I bought my Yellow 6.0 from them is because I know I'd get a car that didn't 'need anything'. Here I am 3 months later with my 6.0, about 2400 miles on it since purchase, and the only problem is the brake light sensor doesn't work ($50 fix), and the air bag light is on (ring by the horn). Both super common problems. My timing sensor light pops on every now and then so I'll replace it when I get around to my first service.

    Nice stand up folks at Motorcars.

  20. As I have said for the last year, the Motorcars INT/Lambo Dallas people are great. That car just sucked. The problem is, in years to come, that will always be the car "with body repair that caught on fire". No changing that. It has a value, but it wasnt 189, or 179, or 169, or 159...........A dealer is much more able to convince a buyer that the history means very little, and that the stuff was minor. Try selling that car as an individual to someone, and explaining that it was a "very minor fire and very little body damage". Or better yet, try trading it to a dealer, and see what they have to tell you about the value because of its history. Unless you are getting an incredible deal, better to buy something without "baggage". Thats all I am saying.
  21. My 2 cents...

    Motorcars / Lambo Dallas people are the best I have come across in the exotic car business. I have owned a 360 Modena, sold it to them a year ago, and just took delivery of my new Gallardo from them this weekend. I cannot say enough about how well Dallas Lambo took care of me.. spent hours walking me through the car and its functions. Troy, Jonathan and Terry are really great guys to do business with.

    Interesting factoid: my old 360 Modena was being traded-in on ANOTHER Gallardo, with Motorcars, and was in the parking lot when I picked up my Gallardo. They must be doing something right to keep that tight a circle...
  22. I am astonished (as in pinching myself) to report that I have actually purchased 3 Italian Cars in the last year or so, all through Jonathan Peck now of Lambo Dallas and every experience has been excellent. A prime example is the fact that the 355 dash leather shrinkage was not up to snuff and Jonathan had the dash recovered (again). My two Gallardos have been magnificent and I have my second due to Lambo Dallas working with me after minor collision damage to my first G (while it was parked).

    There is mostly whining on internet boards and Lambo Dallas deserves kudos IMO, so here it is.
  23. thanks for posting, what a showroom!!
  24. LoL....someone give this guy some pictures!
  25. Just following up to earlier posts and want to mention that I have purchased a 355 and a Gallardo from these guys and will not shop anywhere else for exotics in the future. These guys are friendly, honest, and trustworthy. What's amazing is its not just one or two of them, its everybody I have talked with - regardless of whether they have been in Springfield or Dallas. Thanks guys for being beacons in a rather grey space.


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