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Went to a car show today, interesting results

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Well, I went to a charity event car show today . It was close to my home, so I was able to take the Murci over, get a ride back to my house , and drive the 6.0 over. Great cars at the show. There was actually another 6.0(black) that showed up. P cars, the import crowd, vettes, classics. They had a dyno set up also, but not able to handle AWD. My Murci took top in Euro class, a very nice trophy. Amazingly, the 6.0 took Best of Show. I couldnt even fit the trophy in the car. Had to get someone to take it home for me. What was really funny was the attention that each car received. The Diablo had much more questions asked about it, and more onlookers, despite the Orange Murci sitting there. The Murci got its share of attention, just not quite as much. The Diablo is apparently still the crowd favorite, particularly with its unreal sound and exposed carbon fiber everywhere. Very interesting.
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  3. Congradulations! Can you post some interior pictures of your Diablo. I dont think i have ever seen any.
  4. aj, i will take tham both off your hands for 100k...what are fchat friends for ?
  5. This is the interior of the 6.0se. Different than 6.0.
  6. How does it differ from a 6.0 and what are the differences between an SE and a "regular" 6.0? I love that interior by the way, I actually think it looks nicer than the Murci with all the carbonfiber.
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  8. It is nicer than the Murci. The 6.0 actually cost more to produce than the Murci. The differences are standard upgraded sound and Nav, power seatbacks, more CF, and all CF has a titanium thread running through it, giving it a clear coat look. Also the seat bottoms are perforated, and they use a different leather. Thats it off the top of my head.
  9. The brown leather looks great 6.0. This is the first time I see a 6.0SE interior and jus realized that it's actually better than either the G or the Murci! I think the new Lambo looks kind of modern and try to be user friendly, which is not a bad thing after all. The bad thing is by making it user friendly, somehow the thing looks and feels cold. The 6.0SE gives that old time warmth and coziness. Or is it because of the color?

    The Diablo and Countach still hold their own as the most outrageous cars on earth! No question about that.

    Congrat on your winning as well.
  10. It was cause of the huge NAWS setup, dude!
  11. aj, i have to ask. If it came down to it, you had to pick one, which car do you enjoy more...the 6.0 or the Murcielago? (In all aspects).
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  13. I bet he says Murci...
  14. I was thinking that it was the fact the the Diablo is more recognized than any other Lamborghini (aside from the Countach). Of course it was a car show, so the people there should be a bit more experienced at spotting an actual Lamborghini- but then again....

    I've seen people gravitate more towards Corvettes than to (real) Cobra 427's - I can only assume that either most didn't recognize the Cobra as a Cobra or maybe they figured it was a kit car and unworthy of their attention (no offense to the kit car owners - this is just an observation)

    either way, both cars are SWEET and I would have enjoyed seeing either in person. Congrats on winning! I remember the feeling I had when my car took best in show - and there were over 100 entries! (including a 308) :D
  15. Oh why can't Lambo design another sweet looking dash like that to put in the Murci?! It needs it and would look so much more interesting on the inside of the Murci. I would still take one no matter what though.
  16. I have been asked that more times than I can count in the last 10 days. My early "gut reaction" is to say the.....................Murci. It is smooth as silk, has a feel on the road that cant be explained, corners, takes off, clutch is feather light, tranny is SMOOTH, I love the 6speed, as I have always enjoyed that in my Vipers, and on and on. But it is still very close in my book. I need a little more time in it, so some of the newness wears off. I am comparing it to a Diablo, a car I have driven since 91. More later.
  17. Yes, the Murci needs that interior. Too bad the best Lambo interior ever isnt being put in their newest flagship.
  18. Yes ,I agree. Its not bad, its just not great. Dont know. The interior is very business like, with a flare.
  19. this is possibly the best sports car interior ever..love the carbon fiber
  20. No problem aj, as much as it hurts...i guess i'll just have to take that 6.0 off your hands.

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    I think the diablo 60 was just about perfect. I love the murci, but I wish they had kept the front of it or the gallardo and used the back half of the gallardo.

    Imagine a gallardo the size of the murci. that woudl be a supercar. this pic kind of demonstrates what I mean if you squint a bit.
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  22. I went to a spectator judged car show a few years back and a Camaro won over a Ferrari 250tdf . The young folks at the show liked the Chevy better?
  23. If it was the acid dipped #6 Sunoco Special that Mark drove and Pat now owns I'd vote the same way.
  24. lol. Ive been there. Anytime it is participant or spectator judging, the kids will beat you every time. Now if it was professionally judged, shouldnt happen.
  25. Something like this?? Maybe the rear deck is too low... I just liquefied and stretched the back end, and made the rear wheel a little bigger.
  26. yeah close. I think the proportions of the murci are perfect, but I like the styling of the gallardo better. I like testarossas so the side vents on the gallardo work for me. The gallardo just looks like it got squished in a head on collision and I don't love the rear of the murci.
  27. Ryan that is nice looking work on the G car.

    A.J. route for the Diablo at the car shows.

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