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Well it's about time Lamborghini . . .

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by markr, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Just in from Sebring . . .

    "Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the American Le Mans Series was pleased to announce today that Tracy Krohn and Dick Barbour have formed a team to compete in the ALMS GTS class. "I found out that I like making announcements like this," said Atherton referring to a similar new team announcement made last year at Laguna Seca.

    Krohn-Barbour Racing will enter two Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT cars as a privateer team, however they will be officially affiliated with the Lamborghini factory.

    "This is an exciting day for us and the result of many months of hard work," expressed Krohn at this morning's announcement at the historic Sebring International Raceway.

    The teams entry into the highly competitive GTS class will debut at the Mid-Ohio June 27th event, round two on the calendar. "A lot of good competitors in the GTS class, it will be a tough competition," commented Barbour.

    Krohn comes to the table as a successful businessman from Texas and a driver, racing this weekend at Sebring with the P.K. Sport GT Porsche team. Krohn will continue to race and at this time is the only team driver to be named, "We are speaking to several drivers at this time, we want to select the very best," Barbour said.

    "Three years ago I began my racing career at the Panoz Racing School and then, with the Panoz GT Pro Series. I am very very privilege to be here with Dick and to drive the Lamborghini this season -- not that I at that caliber yet, however I know I will learn."

    Barbour returns as a team owner after an absence of three years, he could become the first team owner in the history of ALMS to win three different class team titles.

    "I am very pleased to announce this return with my new partner, Tracy is a great driver and I am very excited about this project," said Barbour. "I've been searching for the right opportunity to get back into racing and I'm very grateful to Tracy and Lamborghini."

    Barbour's record can easily speak for itself: the Californian has enjoyed success as a driver and owner, winning the 12 Hours at Sebring four times.

    From our perspective," expressed Atherton. "We could not be more pleased. This caliber of manufacturer with the experience behind them is good for the series. We feel that the GTS class is going to be an area of tremendous growth and competition over the next few years."

    The new team hopes to accept deliver of the Lamborghinis in the month of May, they will miss the 24 Hours of Le Mans but hope to receive an invitation in 2005. Lamborghini is currently testing the new racing machines in Europe.

    "A lot of development work is being done at this time," Barbour said. "There is a lot of cooperation with Audi on the development of this car."

    The only hint made of the colour scheme was "black with silver"; at this time the team self-financed.

    The team's goal is simple: To not only win races but the championship."
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  3. That's great news, especially the part about a LeMans entry next year. Nice.
  4. I really like the part about although them being privateers, they are factory connected. Very nice.
  5. Great, with whats going on in Cart or lack thereof. Now if Saleen/Ford would throw down with a GT!
  6. now that would be cool to see the Ford GT compete in Le Mans......aww give it a year or so i think it will compete, but as far as Lambo goes, im glad they entered, especially as a Company sponsered team! ^_^
    C5R's have got more challenges now, just good luck with Ferrari tho
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  8. It would be good to see Ford compete but I am not sure where the Ford GT would fit in terms of class. Naturally it would seem to be the GTS class. However, the last time I read the regulations it stated that a supercharged/turbo-charged engine had a limit of 4.0L or less.

    Which on a side note makes me wonder why no teams use the 911 GT2 like they used to in the FIA GT series. The GT3 is king of the GT class why wouldn't the GT2 perform just a well.
  9. Very nice. No GT 2's are raced by the factory.
  10. Will they have tow trucks standing by trackside?
  11. Why?You expect the Fieros to break?
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  13. the only thing is, the lambo is a great ROAD car, but the murci isnt as much of a track car that is homologated, as would be the clk-gtr,911 GT1, and all those types, along with the bentleys, Audi R8's etc...or would it compete with porsche GT3's, closer to stock cars?
  14. Your are correct is not a "race car" such as the R8's, EXP 8, Dallara's, etc. but it would not compete directly with either. It would be in much similar company such as the Corvette, 575M, S7, etc. Who knows how they will do but the car has as much potential to just as well as the Prodrive 550's have done. Tell my why it would not. As long as the Lamborghini takes the development serious and puts forth the time and effort.
  15. I was waiting to see WHEN you would chime in. I posted that just for you, LOL!
  16. Hope they get all the breaks the Maranello's got that enabled them to eventually start beating the Corvettes.

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