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we are losing our local lambo dealership!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. because of new lambo policy that requires a dedicated l car show room, the chevy dealership here in md that has the l car franchise, is giving it up and no one else wants it at this time....they have 4 gallardos in stock to sell and then they will close the franchise..to get your new car serviced, you will need to send the car to ny.. 250miles away...keep in mind we are one of the biggest markets in the country, with baltimore and washington forming a huge metropolis....and no l car dealership... this sucks!!!! i hope that lambo gets a franchise here quickly!!! the g car is a great car but i would hesitate to buy one with out a local dealership
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  3. that bites.

    we have no dealership in boston either. and there's plenty of money spent on stupid cars in new england - even with the snow!

    closest is also manhattan motorcars - 200 miles south.

  4. Man, that is hard to believe. Both of those metro areas are huge.
  5. You could tell a few months back that Crisswels Chevys Lamborghini department was biting the dust by the 5000 mile service I was given on my 98 SV.
    It came back very dirty, grease on floor mats very poor communication for the week plus that they had her etc.Other than the fact that I can drive there in an hr or so, I would rather ship my car to Dallas than to go back to Crisswel.

    It was like I took a mini van in for service not very friendly to say the least and i'm the last person that needs his ass kissed by anyone.

    With that being said we still need a Lamborghini dealer in this area,I do hope someone steps up to the plate soon!
  6. i have heard the same about criswell....we need a quality dealership ... i cant believe boston doesnt have one also!!!lambo is bicoming a major player, with increasing volume, esp with the g car, and the murci is still the best superexotic bargin... they need more dealerships, but i quess with low volume, its hard to make money, esp if lambo is making demands on its dealerships
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  8. Don't be surprised when the Vidal Sassoon academy closes as well.

    It's the order of things you know...............

  9. Then the falling demand for gold chains and nugget rings will send local jewellers packing.

    Faberge execs will be baffled by the plummeting sales of BRUT cologne.

    The strippers will be lonely.
  10. Yeah, someone needs to step in and open something in Boston area. I was thinking with their promo tour of their Gallardo that Boston Sports Car's mgmt/owner might have been trying to establish something official in the near future.
  11. If Lambo insists on exclusive dealerships, it won't last long in the US. I thought the Gallardo would be a hot seller but they're piling up at the local (multi-brand) dealer...
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  14. lol...i think those dressed are too long!!!
  15. my understanding is that audi-lambo is requiring seperate showrooms ...this can be expensive for a multi-dealer with low lambo volume
  16. I wonder what will happen to the Marrysville Ohio dealership, re. one car dealership?
  17. I did not know that Lambo requires 1 make showrooms?!?!?!?
  18. Symbolic has Bentl/rolls and lambo under 1 roof?
  19. Lambo/Atl has Lotus, lambo,
  20. I think Criswell, in Md., was Lotus also.
  21. Yes I think they still have a new Esprit that they are trying to move as well.
  22. All right. Stop whining, I'll go and open a Lambo dealer for ya'll !!! Hahaha!!! Why exactly isn't anyone stepping up to it? Is it so expensive to open or buy the franchise?

    PS. Mark, I'm gonna need a larger pic to assess if the dresses are indeed too long or not :D
  23. I think there needs to be a Lamborghini dealer here!
  24. Did everyone forget about Kerbeck? They are a Lambo dealer just outside of Philly in Palmyra, NJ. Not exactly around the corner, but they're closer than NYC.
  25. Lambo of Topeka!! Sounds good.
  26. Test drove a Cayenne & CayenneS yesterday @ Bellevue Porche.
    My conversation with our Salesman drifted into exotics. He'd worked
    for a Dealership a few years back that carried the Lambo Marquee
    and said: "You can't justify carrying any exotic, selling two Cars a year.
    He said it cost's about $8-12k+ a year to floor/showcase a $275-300k vehicle".

    Seattle population is 5-600k, with supporting communities, probably
    2 mil++. You would think with these numbers more than 2 Lambo per
    year could be sold?

    With all the money Audi has put into this venture they certainly can't
    loose floor space for the sake of keeping the Marquee Exclusive and
    justify it to their Shareholders. I don't care how deep ones pocketbook
    is, they have a specific amount of Cars they want/need to sell each year!

    I think they could (in most cases) keep the Inventory separate (on site),
    and Train some Techs to service both Lambo and Audi.

    Or, am I looking at this to simplistically?


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