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Wayne's Burgundy Gallardo is a Stunner AND a Runner

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mako99, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Wayne (Banana Boat to the board) met up with me this morning and we took a spin in his gorgeous Gallardo.

    It was my first time with the smaller Lambo, and I was very impressed, particularly with its powerband. Very linear, torque available extremely low in the rpm range, and looooong legs to stretch up top. Outside visibility was good, and the car seems to shrink around you once you get in.

    I think the most impressive part of the Gallardo to me beyond its flawless engine is the suspension. I've never been in a car that has near-zero body roll, squat, and dive, while still being as soft around town as Wayne's car is. It's amazing that we can now demand, and recieve, suspensions that offer a luxury cruising ability combined with a 1.0g track capability. And the soft feel is present even with the 35/30 series tires that the G comes with stock, which usually transmit every little f-ing pebble of the surface right to your a$$.

    Lambo has an optional "sport suspension" for the Gallardo, I can't imagine how it could be any better than what's on the car already. For comparison, the Stradale I rode in last month was much more firm without any tangible improvement in handling. It was just more punishing in general.

    The electronic gearbox on the Gallardo is crisp, and fast, even in the non-sport mode. As with the 360's unit, it matches revs on all downshifts like a pro, and it auto-changes to neutral once coming to a complete stop.

    Legroom is great, for a car that has its front axle so close to the cabin I'm amazed at how little wheel well intrusion there is . The much-maligned seats were fine for me (5'10" 170lbs, athletic) with good bolstering and no lower back problems that I could discern. The charcoal leather treatment on the dash and seats, combined with Wayne's optional red piping lent a rich feel to the interior.

    The howl of the V-10 as it approaches redline is intoxicating. This is another area where Lambo got it right, meaning that at low rpms around town it's quiet enough to be able to converse or listen to music just as in any current Accord or other mid-range sedan. But hold the gas pedal down as the tach swings past 4,000 and the aural symphony from behind your head ratchets up at a seemingly exponential rate, drowning everything in a wave of pure mechanical fury. It's loud as hell outside the car too, like a 1000cc sport bike really, no one could possibly want an aftermarket exhaust for it save for the reason of tracking it via straight pipes.

    It's funny, but going from the Gallardo back to my NSX produced fewer differances than you'd think, and that's actually a complement to the Gallardo. Usually going from a supercar back to the NSX is a relief for me, as in "now I can see again, now I can hear again, now I can shift again" sort of thing. Supercars are great fun for 30 minutes, but after that the heavy clutch, recalcitrant gear box, and spleen-punishing suspension have me longing for a dose of civility that the NSX provides.

    This time was different though, I was shocked to find that the Gallardo was as daily-drivable as the NSX for sure, moreso really because of the F1 gearbox (a boon in Cali traffic). The visibility penalties that were so common when the NSX was introduced are gone now, the Gallardo offers a fine view out in all directions. You don't have to swing a door up and look behind you due to sweating reverse in this car as with a Diablo, it's a total non event. The soft feeling suspension combined with the supportive seats and quiet (below 4,000rpm) engine bay are as relaxing as my car is, you never feel fatigued by the Gallardo. In short, the reasons why the NSX was so fawned over by the media years ago are gone, cars like the 911TT and Gallardo have made the burdens of driving a supercar obsolete.

    For me personally I've gone away from my first choice now, the Stradale, and am now pretty firmly in the Gallardo camp. I'm going to let a few things happen business-wise before I pull the trigger, I want to make sure I can enjoy the car guilt free which means no financing. So it's going to be around July/August before I can make that happen, this is going to be a long five months!

    Special thanks to Wayne for being a sport and taking time out of his day for a personal visit, he's a great guy, very down to earth and genuine. If anyone is in the market for a very well cared for yellow 550 in Southern California, he's your man, send him a PM immedately.

    Thanks again Wayne!

    PS - This car is literally a neck breaking event in traffic. People roll down their windows and look back at you while at speed on the FREEWAY. It's comedy, but you better be ready for it. Not a car for those looking to anonymously sneak around town.
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  3. Great write-up! Have fun getting your G.
  4. [Mako99 Happy to go for a spin sorry I didn't have enough time to drive
    the NSX or even let you drive the "G" car. As you get closer to buying let me know we'll hook up again or I'll call Nick at Symbolic to arrange a test drive. I will say my test drive in La Jolla was superfical at best...what can you do..no open roads.... freeway not that close etc...
  5. When you pulled away from the parking lot I could hear that exhaust until you hit the freeway onramp, lol.
  6. I could not have said it any better. I had a buddy of mine call me to tell me to drive the Gallardo before I closed on my Porsche TT. I did and it was all over for me as well. That Egear makes the car soooo easy to drive fast. I put my order in in 3 days. My only concern is what color to get.
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  8. I'M PREJUDICED TOWARDS MINE, BUT THE PEARL Yellow is killer, the blue is great, the mettallic orange!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Why order one. You will pay more. You can probably fimd any color you want somewhere at this months price
  10. Hey Makko
    Email me the photo of me by the car?
    I don't have any with me by the car
  11. Sent. The least I could do. :)
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  13. Lambo offers a great deal of colors on the G, but only three of them are not considered "optional". Here are some pics of about half the available color options to help you evaluate:

  14. Good old Nick :)-- I'm curious to see what he said to you about my cousin any my visit (and my comments about him).

    P.S., Cousin put deposit down for Porsche but can't decide between the 911 X51, C4S or a used 996 Turbo... He blew it!
  15. I heard a bit, but Wayne will have to give you the details.

  16. I'd love to hear about it (PM if you'd like or email),


  17. I am paying MSRP as it is. If I can find one that is optioned exactly the way I want it cheaper, I'll go for it.
  18. Although I'm not a great fan of the Gallardo looks (the rear bulbous tail lights put me off), I must say that the Burgundy picture above is *absolutely stunning*. The tail lights blend in and change the whole back-end character of the car. Hmmm, I just may have to see one now in person! Very cool!
  19. Yep - That color in person is incredible! Banana's is great - Seen it a few times now.
  20. Great story. I am definitely a fan of this car. I saw a few of them at The Cove in January and I loved the proportions.
  21. I finally saw two at the Canadian Auto Show on Thurs, and my verdict is in on the looks: it is hot, hot, hot! I was really hesitant when I saw pics, but just like the Enzo, finally seeing it in person makes you swoon.

    I want a pearl yellow one.
  22. That is a good choice as is the royal Blue (or whatever they call it)

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