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Was the Gallardo's Shape Influenced by McLaren?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Just something I noticed today watching the old Tiff Needell review of the McLaren F1, is that it's shape is very similar to that of the Gallardo.

    Does anyone else see this?
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  3. I think the 360's nose resembles the McLaren as well. Nice job on the Photos.
  4. yes, esp. from the side....the gallardo is a little more angular
  5. Leave it to you to find that Barrister. Nice job!!
  6. I think it is more a function of the fact that both were strongly influenced by the wind tunnel, with Audi/Lambo choosing a more angular shape.

    Just my opinion, I don't actually know.
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  8. You are an absolute wiz with Photoshop Ryan!
    You are going to do great with your new business!!
  9. lay down a saleen s7 next to that mclaren and you'll see similar lines too. seems all super cars have similar lines as they have low wide stances with radiators, oil coolers and others in the front and rear and with the rear engine scoops are necessary and there are only so many places you can put them.

    One reason I love lambos and ferraris is they don't remind me of other cars.....the other cars copy them so to me they look like kit cars. I dont' like mclarens or saleens at all.
  10. Actually, I cant think of any F cars that have the similar lines that are shown above. Maybe Im missing something. Possibly a 512TR.
  11. Front pics will show serious differences... and lead the Gallardo away from Supercar territory.:(
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  13. agree
  14. I think the overall shape similarity was a combination of the wind tunnel, and the weight distribution. Note the short overhangs on both cars, with the cockpit and engine in the middle. The lines on the side flow up over the front fenders and gradually up to the tail, and the dome shape over the cockpit has nearly the same curve.

    Of course, Lambo added more sharp angles to the Gallardo, and for good reason: if it were smoothed out, it would look too similar and it would have been dubbed the McGallardo F1.
  15. LMAO!! It should be McLardo F1 though!!

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