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WANTED: Red 6.0 or Red Murcie

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. The car has to have total history, concours condition very low miles and Red. 6 speed a must. I will keep looking but might be forced into ordering. Wanted by the end of the year but if the right car came along would purchase NOW.
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  3. I was at Lamborghini Of Dallas Tuesday and saw a red 6.0 in the lineup out front. Not sure if it was part of their pre-owned inventory or a customer's car in for service. Contact them and find out if you're interested.

    89 Countach
  4. Will do and thanks JohnE!
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  6. That car is not for sale anymore.
  7. Dave,

    please give me a call when you get a moment, I would be happy to help in your search or assist in your order.

    Jonathan Peck
    Lamborghini Dallas
    972-241-0808 Main
    214-289-8915 Cell
  8. Just to let others know, I want to deal with Fox Valley Lamborghini if I order a new car. Thanks for the other leads. The dealership and feedback I received several weeks ago (prior thread) was what I experienced upon my visit. Bill has been EXTREMELY helpful and professional!!
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  10. Wanted by the end of the year my arse! Dave, look at all the threads. You're rabid! :D ;-) When I clicked on the OT "Man on Fire" thread, I didn't know whether to expect Denzel or Dave Stoeppelwerth!

    Edit: BTW, the one Arizonaguy posted does seem a close match (but they can't speel veery wel):

    2001*Lamborghini*Diablo VT
    Mileage 5927

    very attractive excotic, prestine condition


    Exterior Color:red
    Interior Color:chreme, red piping*
    Style: 2 door Coupe
    Engine: V-12 6.0 ltr.
    Transmission: 6 speed
    Doors: 2
    Options: Chrome Maido wheels, 20" rear, 19" front
    Stock Number: 2584
  11. Make sure you ask for the computer printout from the 6.0 computer.

    It will give you all kinds of information.

    This will help you cross check the condition of the car.

    How much time is on the ecu

    How much time is on the engine

    # of starts.


  12. Fox Valley has a RED/Murcie 6 speed inbound later in the year so I've got time to cool down. I guess this is what happens when my 360 is at Lake Forest for 5k service and slave main bearing replacement.

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