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Wanna see some real numbers?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Texas Forever, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Actual Manheim auction results for the Guy-Yard-Do.

    02/11/2004 ATLANTA $ 189,500 471 YLW A SE
    04/08/2004 MANHEIM $ 174,000 792 ORANGE 10G 6 X NE
    02/05/2004 RIVRSIDE $ 180,000 465 BLACK M WC
    05/27/2004 RIVRSIDE $ 176,000 187 YELLOW A X WC
    01/21/2004 W PALM $ 193,000 107 YELLOW A X SE
    03/17/2004 W PALM $ 172,000 1,005 BLACK 6 X SE
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  3. Hey Dr. Drippy. Bet my electrons are bigger than your electrons! :)
  4. What are you talking about, I deleted that spasmotic pathetic excuse for a hijacking post.

    BTW, I'm CERTAIN your electrons are not only bigger but faster as well.
  5. Those look like good wholesale numbers to me.Whats the point here?
  6. Well, the point is that these ARE real numbers and not SWAGs. I seem to recall a number of threads about whether or not Gallardos were trading at sticker or not.

    Just FYI.
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  8. Thank you.You have provided excellent info to the people that said they were retailing at 155-160.Maybe the wholesalers are buying them at msrp,and losing money?lol. Good info!!
  9. Sure thang. Mary, why don't you take Mr AJ here back behind the tent and show him his prize...
  10. Dale,I changed my post after I figured it out!!Im a bit slow,Im from Georgia.Good info Dale.
  11. ****tttttt. You don't say.

    Actually, one of the problems is that nobody belives the Manheim numbers anymore. Strange world, eh?

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  13. Dale.

    Where are you grabbing the Manheim numbers? Ithought you had to be a dealer to acces their online stuff.

  14. Dem's da know ain't talking. But I got Manheim on the other line. What do you want to know?
  15. I can access,and I aint a dealer.
  16. So talk to me fellas, wht's the secret?? You could PM me and fill me in, or, I guess I could call one of my dealer friends and "borrow" his number.

    Maybe I'll just have to scare up a small space and go legit. After all, if you're running one business, what's one more?

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