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VTTT For sale ...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Z0RR0, Aug 3, 2004.

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  2. yet. :)
  3. Who ever put those ugly stickers on that car should be shot.
  4. Hey, I resemble that remark!!
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  6. You have one sticker that says 6.0 Lambo to cover up a chip in the paint I believe. The stickers on that VTTTTTT are the same as you putting a bumper sticker on your 6.0 that says, "My other car is a Murci". The Diablo on the red one low on the door looks ok. Heck, I don't even mind the SV on Allan F's car. That VTTTTTT just looks bad. I especially don't like the little description for each letter written within it.
  7. LMAO!!. Hey, lets see some pics of the Viper!!
  8. Just got my new digital cam and the car is just Zainoed. As soon as this darn rain lets up. The Diablo and Viper from the rear are the best ever.
  9. i still dont think turbo or supercharging a car on your own is great idea..esp with high boost...its one thing if the engine and the car were designed for this ...adding this after market is only going to cause long and short term reliability issues... i would never do it to a high end car
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  11. Exactamundo!! Now, cars like the Viper are already built with customer mods in mind, and those motors and drivetrains can take a 40% power increase on stock internals. The Lambo cant, or most exotics for that matter.
  12. Thats just buying someone else's problem...

  13. Yeah, but talk about bragging rights!!!
  14. I was actually looking for a VTTT to add to my collection until a few weeks ago...I have heard horror stories, but it will be fun while it lasts right!
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  16. WOW! Awesome pic. Kind of blurry, but very cool.
  17. Hi Jim I was under the impression Lamborghini didn't make any TT cars.
  18. There are no FACTORY twin turbo cars. All are aftermarket.
  19. Jim, they were all done by Platinum. No factory cars.
  20. I wanted one till I saw the car in person in '98, looked like it was given to a 16 y/o kid to beat the heck out of:mad: I hate it when people who buy these car abuse and neglect them as if they were Hyundai's.....
  21. I know someone who has a 900hp TT. 2nd Generation
  22. Then you HAVE to show us pics! Otherwise, we're all gonna die here! :D
  23. I have a video of that car. Gorgeous car, friendly owner.
  24. He is fixing my car. He wil be making a video of it soon and I hope to post it.
    He has a cool article in the LCA publication.

  25. There were NO factory Twin Turbo cars. Platinum Motrs made 8 cars, which i think 1 is left...maybe.

  26. Maybe they should change the text to: "1 of Eight Left (8)"


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