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VT,SV,GT, Jota and 6.0 differences??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by GianPaolo, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out the differences between the Diablo models VT,SV,GT, Jota and 6.0??
    Also help with HP numbers, engine differences, and body styling about each model.
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  3. VT= allwheel drive
    SV= Rear Wheel drive, slight increase in Horse power
    GT= light weight, inspired by the GTR race car limited availability carbon body panels
    jota= highpower, intake in the rear hatch EURO only
    6.0 last rendition of the Diablo arguible the best 6.0 litre engine
    VT Replica= v6 fiberglass, fiero body, poor man car......jk
  4. What about the SE - Knowing it is a Special edition - I think they made 150 total worldwide - is this based on the SV, or VT or other?
  5. SE started in 1994 only 3 years after the diablo introduction, it was rear wheel drive with carbon fiber used in it, light weight....special body panels.....nothing overly outragious
  6. And, of course, there was the SE edition of the 6.0.... A good basic resource for model descriptions is http://www.lamborghiniregistry.com/intro.html. Click on "Cars" in the left column, then scroll down to the various model-links. Within each one is a heirarchy of versions, each with their own link, pics and registry. Not meant to be definitive, but a helpful resource and not as off the wall wrong as many i have seen.
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  8. Nothing outrageous ? Thanks buddy. What about the purple paint ? LOL

    The car also had a special 525 bhp engine. Only 25 originally allocated to the USA. I think one has been exported, and one has been totalled ?

    There are also cosmetic differences. Front fascia, rear muira type slots, tiny roll down windows, racing seat belts, magnesium wheels 17 front 18 rear, bigger brakes, CF seats, and other modifications etc......

    DONT FORGET THE SE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks alot everyone for your help.
    So it looks like the GT-1 is the Ultimate Diablo am i correct?
    With 655hp and a carbon fiber body nothing can touch it but if i had one i'll put the jota's 6sp gearbox.;)
  10. http://www.lambocars.com/framed/index.htm

    go there.. that will give you pictures and lots of info on everything.. thats where i learned it.. it gives you information on dang near every lamborghini made..

  11. Thanks for the link.
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  13. Whilst i dont know a great deal about some of the models....i have always admired the JOTA for its looks and spec/performance.....a good friend of mine was fortunate enough to have a ride and drive!! in a yellow one a few years back.....

    He said it was an absolute monster and one of the fastest cars he has ever driven - he only got to drive it on a hlf mile stretch once and although he is a very experienced driver (has driven a number of F-cars inc F40 and a Bugatti EB110) he said it was savagley fast, the car was iddling at 3/3.5 rpm and said it was a job and a half controlling the car even in a straight line! the car would not stop wheel spinning in 3rd and 4th gear.....in the end he came back rather flustered and just parked it up!

    I believe the only 6 or 7 genuine Jota's were only made - can anybody confirm?
  14. www.Lambocars.com says that 12 were made off of the SE30 body........one was actually shipped to the US but it was parked in someones collection and never moved....it had an open exhaust standard, with 595hp on tap.....it weighed about 300lbs less then the regular Diablo and had about 100hp more..........just imagine.......rumor is one guy could not handle the power and had his car detuned........

  15. To die for ?
  16. to bad you can't see back through the rear view window at the faces of all the people you just blew by...........=-)
  17. Yes. I LOVE that green!! What's it called?
  18. Hmmm, i thought ( and i could be wrong, but i can go upstairs to check in my copy of the L- Catalog Raisonne) that the original Jota was a special sort of "works" Muira that Bob Wallace had a hand in developing in the hope he could convince F.Lamborghini to go racing with his cars. The ploy did not work, and the actual car may not have survived. That there were Jota clones built, perhaps with factory participation, of some Muiras, and that the name has stuck, as a super high performance variant. But, are there any "factory" Jota cars? Or, are they more myth than reality, and the result of an aftermarket do-job, like Al Burtoni's "jota" upgrade program? I note that the Lambo Registry shows some number of SE30 "Jota" variants and refers to a "kit."
  19. Verde Hydra????
  20. The orange one is made off a 6.0 diablo, it is not a factory Jota, that is a ADD on kit made by Al Burtoni, still quite fast...........but the few SE30 Jota's are actual Factory retrofits......Limited editions.......not done by an aftermarket tuner........
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  22. To kill for.
  23. I've noticed some Diablos have it's badge on the bumper instead of it's hood
    lambo badge looks better on the hood right?
  24. I think all the SE's have the badge on the bumper, while "regular" diablos have them on their hood

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