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Video GT3 chasing a Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jan 28, 2005.

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  2. very nice!!!!!!
  3. thanks wayne,cool video,, i could do with out the lame version of that song...i d rather have the engine singing...and how about putting the camera in the g car so we could have heard that also..a speedo shot so we could so how fast they are going we be nicealso...i have seen so many of these now i am a car film critic!!!!!and didnt the camera make the g car seem very narrow... its a wide car..or was it my computer??????
  4. All the cars looked narrow, your computer is fine
  5. nice ending! those roads looked very bumpy for high speeds easy to unsettle a car with the dips
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  7. Ouch that hurt at the end, but definetly quickens the pulse!
  8. The chase car definately bent some parts!
  9. Ouch! That's going to cost some coin, especially on a GT3. Out of curiosity, anybody know where was the first segment shot? Nice roads. Narrow. But nice.
  10. Ouch !!! didnt see that coming . He wasnt going that fast no ? Did he lose concentration ?
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  12. Morocco i think.
  13. Btw whats the song ? i like it .

  14. Uniting Nations "out of touch"
  15. I was focused on the video and it was going well until the guy ran into that thing. Then i started laughing for a bit.
  16. damn that looks bad the hit..
  17. I didn't notice any hit. Don't have my speakers hooked up so I didn't hear anything. The video goes for 43 seconds. At what time did the "hit" occur??

  18. around 3.30 :)
  19. Lasts 3min52.
    I must be a wuss. I would never drive that fast on such roads!!! Yikes!!! Props to them!!!

  20. really ? Im sure you would be caught in the moment ...driving a GT3 , then a Gallardo pass by you. I couldnt resists on open roads. Not in town though .

  21. Dammit!!! The video only last 43 seconds for me :(
  22. thats gonna cost a pretty penny.
  23. With the cops holding back the traffic and waving you to go faster it was hard not to go fast in Morocco... :)
  24. you think? It looked like he just didn't brake hard enough and understeered straight into that wall.
  25. It was so sandy in Morocco that it felt like driving in snow sometimes. The fine layer of sand on the roads made it extremely slippery, which is most likely why it happened.

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