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Video-Gallardo driven in the winter

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by TeamF1Jr, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. I personally would never drive a Lambo or Ferrari in the winter, but Lambo doesn't offer a winter tire package for its Gallardo for nothing. That says a lot about the capabilities of this car. The exhaust sounds better than I've heard it in other videos I've seen. Seems pretty stable on the wet roads given the speed he was going (100 mph plus in parts). It kinda made me sick to see this car so dirty, but the video was done in Sweden with snow on the ground, 1 degree celcius temperature. The dealers out there apparantly let you test drive the car in these conditions!

    Pretty long download, the video is 6 mins. 49 seconds long. Not a fantastic video, as its primarily taken from the fellow holding a camera in the passenger seat, but it does show you real world daily driving in this car no matter what the season.
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  3. The engine sounds pretty good to me. The e gear seems to worth pretty well to.
  4. This is from my Diabo owners manual, LOL
    "avoid driving on roads without a covering of snow"

  5. I think it's pretty standard to not drive with snow chains unless the roads actually have some snow on them.
  6. The Gallardo looks better when its dirty. :p
    Thanks for the video.
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  8. Good video, wish there were more shots from outside the car though
  9. I thought it was a cool video. The gallardo sounds pretty good, but I would say a 360 sounds a lot better. The interior looks really nice.
  10. I think it was EVO who did the same thing withe the Murci. I believe they drove over the Alps in it.
  11. THAT was sweet. I'd get the plate saying, "WNTRBTR"
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  13. You've never been to Seattle when there is snow! Lots of idiots drive with chains on a day or 2 after the snow is gone

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