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video diablo on laguna seca

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by crystalq3, Jun 11, 2004.

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  2. the registration is free,i have register and dont send spam or other boring action,the are on the site over 220 videos and offer a free space for make a page of your car and hosting for your videos,i think is very cool site...
  3. Same here.

    Maybe one person should register and we can share the log in name..


    Who will be the first team player....
  4. I watched it....It seems that either the Diablo can't hang with the vette (likely) or the driver should take his "Light" foot back to ballet class!

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  6. Actually,the guy in the Diablo(91) name is Jay.It was his first time on the track,and the Z06 guy was a regular.The Z06 guy stated that the Diablo wouldnt be able to see him when they crossed the finish line.Have you ever driven that track Darth?And if so,do you remember your first time?It was an amazing accomplishment for a first time runner,the guy was laughing the whole time around.
  7. It IS an amazing experience to be on Laguna Seca.

  8. Ive never had the pleasure.Someday.......
  9. Here is a Username and Password that all you lazy people can use. Please note the Username and Password are CASE SENSITIVE. Enjoy!!

    Password: diablo
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  11. Thanks Zach.
  12. I took Russels Racing School at that track and it was the best school I've ever been to. The world famous cork screw turn never got old. It's a great track to drive.
  13. for zach_300zxTT
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  14. I have no clue what you were trying to say. Please learn to speak better English before trying to give a website review. That might help out a little bit :)

    Anyway, I am the owner of both and the place where the videos are hosted ( I have the videos hosted on UltimateUnderground because the hosting plan I am with for only allows me 800Mb of storage and 30Gb of bandwidth each month (not much when you have over 5,000 hits per day). It doesn't take many videos to run out of only 800Mb storage. Actually, it only takes about 100 medium-quality videos to use up the 800Mb I was alotted. I; however, have well over 100 videos, which means I would NEED MORE storage.

    So, I bought a different website and a different hosting plan (one with unlimited storage and bandwidth) to host my videos. is simply a "host site" that stores all the information for So that's why my videos are hosted on a different website.

    I don't have a "normal job", but yes, I do work for money. I run a business with my father and brother(Lindsey Industries, LLC), we just got off the ground about a month ago, but we are starting to sell many different kinds of automotive electronics. However, even if I made millions with my business, I would still ask for a donation to help pay for my website bills. It NEVER hurts to humbly ask for some help.

    And about that "bad information" that you quoted. What are you talking about? I don't know of any bad information on my website. Please give me a link to the "bad information" you're talking about. One tip I have for you: When rating someone's website, please try to be more specific than simply saying "bad information".

    PS: Do you have a website that I could check out? If so, good for you, but too many people like to mouth off about how to improve a website, when in actuality, they don't even have one themselves. It's kinda like that old saying: "The pot can't call the kettle black" or something like that..haha

    Instead of saying: "After all, it's not free to run a website" maybe I should have said: "After all, it's not free to run TWO websites"

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