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used murcielago depreciation vs f cars

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. how would the price of a 2002 murci hold up over time vs the current patch of f cars...575, 360s and 612s... any quesses on what a low200s k murci would be worth in 5 and 10 years...what ever the figureis, i assume it is going to hold its value better than the current crop of f cars,..the murci is made in very small numbers and has such amazing power that it will never be out cant say the same thing about the f cars... i posted here because i wanted some intelligent answers,something i wouldnt get in some of the other sections of this web site!!!!!
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  3. Look at the diablo to give you an idea. I think they are holding up pretty well given everything.

  4. late model v12 fcars, take a dive in depreciation, so do Lambos, but not as bad and they dont sink as low as the fcar.
  5. keep in mind that this is partly (or mostly) a function of production volume. there are just not that many diablos out there.

    i don't know what lambo's plans are for production volume over time, but if they pump out as many Murcies as there are Maranellos i don't see why the percent depreciation over time curves wouldn't look painfully similar.

    that said, i seriously doubt Murcie production is going to suddenly soar.

  6. I think for the short term, the Murci is locked into 400 units. 250 Roadster, 150 Coupe.
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  8. Lamborghini supercars seem to be holding value very well lately, look at prices of Testarossa's vs early countach...

  9. good point, and lambo has always been lower production,better performance!!!
  10. You keep that kind of talk up, and you will be banished to "The Dark Side' forever!!
  11. Long term, my view is that the Murcelago resale prices will be stronger than the Ferrari V12s. But if they're still cranking out new ones 10 years from now, who knows.

    It may also depend on whether Lamborghini can create a "repeat buyer" funnel like Ferrari has been doing for a long while now.

    Are you asking because you are looking to buy one?
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  13. yes, but not for 3-6 months until i get some sticky personal issues resolved...anyone know how to get rid of a 100 lb bag with out a trace?
  14. promises , promises!!!
  15. Buy a boat and trailer. Wait until Christmas Eve day. Place bag in boat and drive 100 miles to nearest large body of water. Dump bag into water, and drive home. Tell everyone you went fishing.
  16. Does anyone think that the 1997.5 Diablos or the Gallardos will ever depreciate to the $100,000 level? If not what do you think the bottom value will be?
  17. No way on the 97.5. Just look at the history. The 91's have now bottomed out, after 14 years. Call it 85k. Thats sets the low bar. The only Diablos you will ever see under 100k will be the 91,92,93 models. The 94's will get as low as 102-103 maybe, and then start adding from there for every year newer.

    The G car is a different story. They will at some point get that low. If a 91 Diablo is worth 40% of its original MSRP right now, and using the 45% number on the G car(because a 10cyl. should depreciate less), that would put the car ultimately in the 75-85k range. How long to get there? Alot of factors can slow down or speed up that process, but 10 years would be my guess.
  18. brillant!!!
  19. No way on the 97.5, I thought so, very wishful thinking on my part. Good news on the Gallardo although 10 years is a long wait. I guess I have to pray for increased production. Thanks for the imput guys I appreciate it.
  20. I'm willing to bet that the Gallardo will be LESS than $100K before 2007.
  21. That wont happen Mike, unless our world changes drastically. You have to look at the history. Maybe 25-27% in 3 years. That would put the car in the 125-130 range. Again, outside influences can change that, but Lambo depreciation has followed very true for 20 years now. Look at the 02 Murci. MSRP 275k, current price AVG at about 212k. 63k loss in 30 months, or 22%.It may be at about 200k in a total of 3 years, or 27%.
  22. Lambo have never produced a car in the volumes that the Gallardo is going to be produced in. So I'm not sure the history of the marque is a good indicator as to future values.

    I think you need to look at 360s etc for a pointer, but even then the playing field isn't even. I suspect it'll fall somewhere between the 360 and the 996TT (both of which are good performers residually).

    The "next new thing" aura has now worn off and there are plenty of these for sale even in the UK at the moment. The laws of supply and demand will eventually take hold and dealers will not want metal sat on their lots for an excessive period of time.

    Being as objective as it's possible to be about supercars, and not intending to upset anyone, I also don't believe the Gallardo is anywhere near as special as the "bigger" Lambo products (Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago). It's undoubtedly a key product for the marque, but I can easily see it being very affordable in the next few years - just wait until everyone has a 500+bhp model on their lists, and just look at the sorts of car that are coming through shortly (F430, Aston AMV8, Ford GT, Porker 997...).

    Sadly, I'm not yet seeing Murci values drop very much at all. So I'll just have to get scraping even more shekels together!
  23. Very good logic. Nice!! Especially the production #'s of the G versus the "usual Lambo".

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