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UK Murci arrives---------------------------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Here's is Simon 's stunning new car;

    Well its here as i'm sure you know! I picked it up yesterday about 11am,was on cloud bloody 9,could'nt believe it!
    First impressions are it really is huge,and it does'nt shrink around you once you are on the road. Not that it interests me at all but the attention it gets is a bit frightening,already had cars following me keeping pace on the motorway with half a mile of traffic backed up behind them,but its great fun. Driving it, well of course it does feel very very quick but i'm supposed to be keeping it under 4500rpm, but all hell lets loose at 4000 which is when i have to start backing off. It is very very 'raw' to drive, loads of different noises. I have to say with the standard exhaust(which is still has on) the 355 sounds far and away better, the Murci just rumbles and bellows at you. Likes? Just about everything really. Dislikes? The gearchange. It may be because its new but its not the sweet clickety clack of the 355 gate, you have to slam it into each slot and the clutch(very very light) needs the full travel otherwise it crunchs. The noise will improve with the Tubi though.Brakes are superb,silly really but the horn sounds likes a truck,so thats going to be replaced with an airhorn similar to the 355 note. It is easy to drive but definetly needs more input and concentration than the 355. I'll let you know how the performance feels at 7500rpm when i can do it,but even now it feels like you need to hang on. Its just a different car to the 355 but i hesitate to say better(although obviously newer). I'd love to keep the 355 though too as ive said, but cant.
    I'll post pics asap but the ones ive taken it tells me i need to compress them and i have'nt a clue. I'll sort it soon
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  3. Congrats on the new car. She looks amazing. GREAT choice of color. IMO it is the nicest color lambo offers! Amazing!
  4. Amazing car, Congrats :)
  5. Im curious what he means about the clutch crunching?
  6. Yea, its got a lot better in the last couple of days.What I meant was, unless the full travel of the clutch is used, then trying to put the gearlever into the gate results in a lot of nasty crunching sounds. The gearbox has got noticeably easier and has loosened up a lot, but a clunk has developed from beneath the front of the Murci on turning left/right so itll be going back in for this sorting later this week.
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  8. LOVELY car Simon! Thanks for posting Tony.
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  10. oooh any sound clips?
  11. Any inside shots...

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  13. about having to slam it into each slot, i think road and track, or one of the other mags i get, broke the shift lever 1 or 2 times during their test.
  14. Yeah, carry some vice grips...just incase
  15. Ali, after seeing the pics of the interior of your Murcie a few months ago I went for the same combination of black with biscuit/beige myron inserts. I've done 2500 miles in the Murcie in a month!! I love it, can't stop driving it. Only problem i've had is continually recurring issue with the lifting mechanism that raises the front spoiler. It does'nt go all the way back down and the warning light is constantly flashing. The Lambo boys hav'nt been able to get to the bottom of it yet but its in again this Friday for another go. The Tubi is awesome and on tickover with the car cold the sound actually hurts your ears. Once its warmed up its a lovely smooth deep note that really does the Murcie justice. Fab car.
  16. Tony, You did a good job of covering up his plates on the first photos you posted, but not so good on the last two close ups of the exhaust ;-)

    Car looks great. I bet it sounds fantastic. A friend on mine brought his Gallardo round to the house last night, with its newly fitted Tubi (Loud) exhaust. I'm ashamed to drive mine around town now, having heard how it should sound. Booked mine in for next week! Audio and video to follow.
  17. James,
    he said he wasn't bothered about plate showing :) Saves me having to edit pics.
  18. I was only messing with you :)
  19. Thanks for the pics! The third shot of the front looks absolutely menacing!

    Doug M
  20. More pics, more pics, more pics! :)

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